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If kits are going to be “balanced” into irrelevance….


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….shouldn’t we be given weapon swap and more weapon choices?

Kits have always been the justification for why we have very few weapons and no swap in combat. Now that we know the plan is to make kits underperform, the justification is gone. So…

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10 minutes ago, Obtena.7952 said:

<<breaks Mechanist rocking FT + juggernaut>>

yup ... Irrelevant 👍

But more seriously, what change (and when was done?) made kits irrelevant?

It has been recently revealed that there is intent to buff weapons to the point that kits would no longer be taken. This was directly stated. I'm not allowed to link here, but it's easy to find on Reddit.

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I seriously hope that they don't move forward with the plan to reduce effectiveness of kits. 


If anything, buffing these skills that give the engi its unique identity would be more welcome. I know they are the main reason why many people play engineer, myself included. 


- Prozap

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