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Inquest Golem MkII Revamp ideas

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Hey there!


So  I went to do Inquest Golem II the other day and noticed how often people would die and warp back constantly. I figured since world boss revamps were being done recently, I'd highlight what could be done to improve it.


Firstly the slam attacks, these attacks are honestly fine! Just brighten up the aoe's a little and this would be fine.
Second the spinning projectile attack. Again fine! Markers telling people to get closer to the boss could be a good addition.
Third the persistent shocks. This is where we run into the leading cause of death for players. There are no indicators for this attack, so adding indicators for this really should be updated. Particularly given that this attack is similar to the one in Seitung Province and the Chaos Fractal in theme. If we're gonna have electric floor aoes. Let's at least have some consistency.
Fourth, adding another move would be neat. Where the golem puts it's fists onto the ground and pulses energy out of each arm in sequence. Similar to the frost waves on Drakkar. Or maybe an attack where it moves around by floating it's cubes around to different corners and doing a blast attack from one side to the other.
Finally, visually this boss is actually pretty good looking, an updated texture on some of the smaller cubes would be suitable.

Inquest Golem MkII is involved in a lot of collections, a not insignificant amount of them being legendary weapon and mount related. There was even one added in EoD! Anyway, keep up the good work A Net.


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58 minutes ago, Gibson.4036 said:

There already is an indicator before the floor sections electrify.

Indeed, the bad square, killer of men (and everyone else). If these aren't showing up for you, you should probably pick through your settings and make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.

The other changes OP proposes look fine though. +1 to tidying up old content.

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Even if you can't see the telegraph the electrified floor it is still possible get out of one after the damage starts ticking. You only have 3 seconds and you need enough situational awareness know where to move to. What is most surprising about that attack is that it does percent based damage.

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