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Condi duration vs damage?


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~80% bleed duration means 180% of base bleed duration, and adding sigil of agony makes this 200%

200/180=1.11, or a 11.11% increase to bleed only (assuming target does not cleanse/die before condi fully ticks)

sigil of bursting is simply a 5% increase to every condi (including bleed)

at this point it is helpful to know how much % of total dmg each condi/skill is responsible for. using the aforementioned 60% and knowing that virt doesnt do much other condis, sigil of agony will generally get better results

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2 hours ago, Veprovina.4876 said:

For something so specialized in bleed, use sigil of agony.

If you had a lot of other condis, then bursting, but Virtuoso doesn't, it's mostly hybrid physical/bleed.

The numbers are roughly 60-65% bleed, 10% torment, >5% other conditions and about 15-25% strike.  The idea of using Sigil of Bursting is not a bad one but it’s priority should fall down below reaching Crit Cap and 100% Bleed Duration.  

An argument could be made that Sigil of Earth (common for most cVirt builds) is not as strong as Sigil of Bursting but it does add a lot of bleed stacks which empower your other skills and a healthy chunk of damage as well.  Of course this depends on exotic vs ascended gear and which game mode you prefer. 

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