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Shooting gallery adventure has no targets

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A screenshot of the missing targets could help identifying the issue.


Maybe a texture got corrupted making it invisible or look differently. In this case you can try repairing your game client.

First do a disk scan on the drive guild wars 2 is installed (Via Windows) and then use the Guild Wars 2 client repair:


This will take some time. approx. 20 min to 3 hours depending on the speed of your disk and computer. You can also try DX9 rendering to see if it is a DX11 rendering issue.

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Still happening... Even relogged to try to see if it wasn't loading something just to get even more infuriated when it decided to load me in at the Silverwastes side entrance. Which is a tangent, but I'd like to add that that logging in where you definitely didn't log out issue, has still also been ongoing for a long time

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