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I'd like to see more variations of the Ascalonian Sword.

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Let me explain. 🙂


I've been on the look out for a good sword skin for quite a long time to match an outfit of mine. I tried to find something plain, simple, with no decorative etchings or glowing lights but I quickly realized finding something like that is really hard. Right now I'm using the Ascalonian Sword since it's the closest to what I'm looking for. Aureate Sword is another good one that I want to mention too, it's just the hilt that keeps me away from it.


Though, there are times where I wish I could fix up this sword to make it look a little cleaner. Perhaps, restored versions of the Ascalonian weapons? Similar to how you can restore Boreal weapons? 🙂



Anyone else having trouble finding simpler looking weapons too?

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46 minutes ago, squeegee.4320 said:

Simple weapons can be hard to find with how Anet believes everyone wants sparkles and rainbows no everything.

My suggestion is to use the wardrobe in your bank. You can preview all sword skins in there, find one you like, then look it up on the wiki to see how you might get it.


Yeah, I looked in there a few times and found some decent swords skins that I consider "almost there". To name a few:


Dragonbone Sword

Ebon Vanguard Sword

Etherbound Sword

Exemplar's Edge

Gallant Sword

Infinite Light

Timekeeper Sword

Zodiac Sword


These are the ones that speak to me the most, but they go a little over the top with all the bright colors, flares, etchings, etc.

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I take it the one just called sword and the default craftable ones like the mithril sword or darksteel sword go too far the other way and are too plain?

What about the Krytan Sword? It's got a slightly more elaborate hilt (or is that a ricasso?) but it's quite similar to the Ascalonian sword. There's also the Seraph sword which is like a simplified version of the Ebon Vanguard one.

The Aureate Rinblade is my go-to for a non-flashy sword that's not completely generic, although it depends on the character. Sometimes I want something spikier or with a bit of 'realistic' decoration like the Legion swords from Icebrood Saga or the Einhander. If you're open to other shapes there's also things like the Elonian Cutlass or the Weaver's Sword (NOT the Warpblade, the 'starter' version just called Weaver's sword).

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i just remided, the closest do ascalonian models is krytan models. 




if u want even more simplier, is the crafted ones with some "material name", they share all same model with little color variation depending on material(iron, mithril, etc)


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