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2 minutes ago, Inflames.8576 said:

Why development team doesn't do anything about it?

It's been an issue since the very first year of the game.

That is the question, isn't it?

This might be EU, but I think on both servers its pretty common for some random name that never even appeared in the leaderboard before to suddenly be Rank 1 with some crazy-high winrate.

Behind the curtain its literally always the same 'top players' just playing on alt accounts or boosting other people's accounts(usually for money) to the higher ranks. 


Arenanet has had years to ban these people, but they won't. All the members of the Gw2 Wintrading Cartel are influencers/streamers/content creators. Even if they repeatedly wipe their kittens with the TOS, at the end of the day they're creating exposure, video content, and giving the game viewership on livestreaming platforms.

So instead of getting banned, they instead just get handed everything they ask for.

They want DuoQ back? They get DuoQ back, no questions asked

They want to balance the game themselves? 🖐️Say no more, Arenanet will literally create a private Discord and invite them to shadow-balance the game.


I would highly recommend just banning them anyways. Not only actively, but also retroactively. Ban them. Ban them all.

This game deserves a better class of criminal.

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31 minutes ago, oscuro.9720 said:

I have a question; how would you stop win traders? 

I don’t mean this in a snarky way or anything, legitimate question, what are the solutions people have on this forum?

By giving them the permanent dishonor they deserve on every account they create/have created


If that's too much to ask for, then there are still ways to hurt them.

Go for their metagaming tools: DuoQ, Class-swapping, etc. 

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