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please buff rifle berserker


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8 hours ago, xCRIMINALx.3209 said:

rifle berserker can't fight with other profession. they can evade all my skill. i use bull's charge and throw bolas they still evade.

Eat a CC on purpose when they are in melee range. Use headbutt and savage instinct to break the stun, stun them, break your self stun, and go into Berserk Mode. F1 -> Blood Reckoning -> F1.

Alternatively bait dodges with volley, it hurts still so people still dodge/evade it. If they dodged that, BC, and bolas then you can hit them with Rifle 4 to immobilize them for Gunflame.

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When I read the title I thought it would be for pve for some reason. It would have been cool if they did buff rifle berserker for pve also, with simple one weapon rotation where it flows easily and your main goal is to gunflame as much as you can. It shouldn't be God damage but getting consistent dps from range without losing damage to melee downtime would be cool. Currently the jank of brutal shot that evede comes after shooting sucks even in pve , generally the low damage of the skills and the bad adrenaline generation don't let you hit a smooth rotation  on it. Would be cool if there ware some traits to support a power ranged style on warrior.

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People dodging everything warrior has is not unique to berserker. Even bladesworn is highly telegraphed, easy to dodge skills. The point is you have to bait out their dodges and defensive cool downs so that you can land your stuff. Generally, you should take inventory of; dodges, stability access, blind access, aegis access, timing of stability on the bar, ability to gap close.

For example; most willbenders are going to have a heavy boon stack from Crashing Justice, including aegis and stability. If you don’t have a strong boon rip up, you are going to want to kite around this, since it’s not too long of a duration (4s). If they use JI to burst (very likely) they will likely have 1 stunbreak available on a 40s CD. So you know that you can pressure as you would a core medi guard, kite crashing Justice, then go for your lockdown. Since they likely have 1 stunbreak, you don’t want to stun combo, since they will likely break, but you may be able to get in an arcing+whirlwind or so. Then you have the spacing to get in another full-lock that they won’t break because they will be out of breaks. 

Obviously the encounter is more complicated than that, this is just a fairly surface level look at stability+stunbreaks, which can be the most influential things to time vs the majority of the player base. 

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14 hours ago, oscuro.9720 said:

The point is you have to bait out their dodges and defensive cool downs so that you can land your stuff.

You know, you've given me an idea for a new trait that focuses on decreasing cancelled skill cooldowns.

This would even have value in PvE, where, especially in strikes and raids, you frequently have to interrupt your attacks in order to GTFO of the red circle.

But yeah, in PvP, its benefit is obvious, suddenly returning some unpredictability to warrior attacks.

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