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Condi Scourge builds


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It depend heavily on how "good" you are at the game.

Some will feel the need for added survivability and turn themself toward death magic and/or gearset with vitality/toughness/Healingpower while other will just forgo defense and play full glass viper/curse/soul reaping.

7 years ago, people would have laughed at you if you even tried to consider anything else than going full glass for OW PvE/fractal. Nowaday? I believe that people are a bit more open to builds that have a lot of survivability/support built in.


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On 9/7/2022 at 1:51 PM, Valisha.8650 said:

Since toughness tanking is a non-issue outside of raids, I do recommend celestial hybrid scourge build;


You role is to basically do DPS while picking up downstate allies with Transfusion. Due to innate tankyness, you ought do well when solo as well.

This sounds like an interesting idea. I don't know why I never even thought of the celestial side for a scourge since it's obvious it covers more territory for defense/healing/power/condi. I was struggling mixing some seraph and plaguedoctor.


The only thing I would have done different is toning down the whole condition duration bonuses since shades bonus will overcap the condi duration, Replacing (without food) 2 boots/gloves/mantle or (with food) amulet, 1 accessory and backpack with Seraph stats did the trick while keeping the essential stats intact.

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On 9/7/2022 at 1:39 AM, Alhussaini.3420 said:

Hi guys,


Do you have any suggestions for condi scourge builds ( armor stats ,, runs , and any other things that i need for the builds ) i play only pve ( open world and fractals)   


Torment runes are usually okay for open world. You max your most important condition. This build is pretty similar to the Celestial build but it goes a bit more glass cannon, so this is more for a player who is fairly confident in their abilities. Nightmare runes are the better runes to run in Fractals and raids but there isn't too big of a DPS difference between the two.


This is typically what I run in open world. I like Sand swell for its quick movement across the battlefield to escape AoE or kite more effectively. I don't get CCed too often so this works for me, but I'm very confident in my abilities as a scourge.


 This last one is to show you how many of the slots on this build are flexible for different tasks.

Heal skill: Typically signet of Vampirism is the preferred healing skill for this build because of its increased DPS over other options. However there is another option to consider. Summon Blood Fiend is the other option you can consider because of its ranged damage. If you're in a fight where half the time or more you wont be able to be right next to the boss Blood Fiend is typically a better heal in these situations. The other option, Well of blood, is only viable for a healer build so unless you're going that sort of build just avoid it.

Floating Utility: Scourge has a lot of flexibility in its utility choice. Picking the best for each situation can be a major boon to your allies. Trail of Anguish is a fantastic option since it gives you and allies stability as well as being a stunbreak. Great for running in some parts of fractals. Similarly Sand Swell can also help increase your mobility in some sections of fractals although its not nearly as useful as ToA. Summon Shadow Fiend is also a great choice for maintaining life force but it has dual function. Because it both blinds and chills it can also help passively degenerate break bars. Although not as good in Fights with a lot of enemies or where you need to split your focus its still a good skill. Well of Darkness might seem like a strange option but it is used for break bars against foes with weaker break bars that can be hard to get to. Its especially useful in CM 100 although you do sacrifice a little DPS to take it since you can't spam shade skills as hard if you do. In some situations Spectral Graps is one of the strongest CCs in the game. Easily capable of destroying a boss's break bar all on its own you use it while inside their hit box with multiple targets and each hand will target a different foe but will only strike the boss thus increasing its potency by up to 500%. Corrosive poison cloud is the last one I'll talk about since projectile blocks can be quite useful. Although this one isn't as favored as it used to be since there are better blocks from other classes. Its still an option you have if you need it. Other utility skills do have some use, like Flesh wurm but they're are often only useful in one specific situation or two.

The Elite: You have 2 options here since the other elite skills just aren't going to preform well. Plaguelands and Flesh Golem. Plaguelands obviously is a fantastic damage elite and if you already have enough CC you should run it. Flesh Golem works better in situations where you can't get in melee that easily as well as increasing your CC. Both are good and you'll quickly figure out which one is better in which situation.

Now, there are some things I should mention. If you have issues with time like I do, something to listen to that has a Rhythm is really good to have. being aware of timing will help you maximize your Dhuumfire DPS since it has a 1 second internal cooldown. When I get excited my perception of time changes so seconds seem to be different so I've caught myself triggering Dhuumfire before it was off cooldown because it felt like a second has past. This might not be an issue for you personally, but my perception of time warps when I'm excited so I figured I'd mention it.

Another thing to note about Dhuumfire and Unyielding blast is that they do trigger whenever you activate any of your shade skills. The reason is that Manifest sand shade has a trigger which goes off whenever you activate any shade skill. So pressing F2 does trigger F1. You probably already know this, however I have to mention it because some people don't realize that's how the skill works.

Other than that this post was a lot longer than I expected.. I probably should just make a video explaining this stuff but meh. I hope you enjoy playing scourge. It is my favorite elite spec in the game for a reason! Its very flexible with its build and brings a lot of utility to any group even just beyond barrier spam.


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    If you want to aproach the game from a safer position and with the lowest input of comands i recommend you to try this 🙂 


    To make it more simple you can go full minionmaster but you sacrifice spectral walk (one of the best necro utilities allowing you to run faster/stunbreak/clean lots of condis) and blood is power (the best condi necro skill for pve good damage+might) and Spite traitline for Death Magic to make your creeps even stronger!!


    Both of those builds use the same Stats/Runes, they are slow on killing but so durable and like others said outside of raids (they use to look for very specific stats and traits) you wont miss the mark with those builds on any kind of content, you will be self-sufficient.

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