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HARVEST TEMPLE: Void Amalgamate doubts...


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I've done the Harvest Temple strike quite a few times... I now know that mechs and golems (from runes) DON'T push during initial orb phases because no damage is given.

BUT, and this is a big BUT, mechs and golems DO damage during the Void Amalgamate phase... so do they push then?


The final orb, for me, is the real boss of this strike. XD

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What causes the Void Amalgamate to move? Damage.

Do Mechs, Pets and Golems do damage? Yes.

So why doesn't their damage move the orbs? Low DPS, maybe, to move them significantly such that players are concluding they don't push/move the orbs? The minions you have do not keep sustained pressure on orbs in a single direction such that they will keep moving. Perhaps someone will eventually test it out with just a few players with minions and have minions attack them exclusively.

The problem with 10 player strikes is that if you move or target something else, your minions will stop targeting it. Also, unless everyone only let the minions attack, it's impossible to determine if that's actually the case. Any damage another player do from one single hit will be significantly more than what the minions dealt.

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