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No regen on Well of Bounty?

Adotiln Urthadar.1823

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With the proposed changes coming on the 4th of October, Well of Bounty is losing the ability to provide regeneration. This is currently the only source of group regeneration that Specter has (single-target scepter skills don't count), and in combination with the shroud nerf, will severely reduce the potency of heal specter, which is already a pretty niche build. 

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They absolutely could pass that regen onto the well of gloom.
Even further, pass on all of the lost boons onto the other wells to make them more worthwhile to use in general.
Like, look at the well of tears. Still has nothing but pathetic amount of strike damage. Now compare it to Necro's well of suffering. The difference in quality of life and effect is massive. Mobility doesn't solely make up for that difference.

Well of Tears could have stacking power and fury for allies and vulnerability for enemies. Strike damage doesn't even need to be changed in this case, but it'd be nice to have a little more to make it a more dedicated cleave tool, which is also something Specter lacks.

Then let well of bounty keep Stability, Aegis, Protection, Quickness and Swiftness. 5 boons, the order can be changed.
Resistance to Well of Silence.
Resolution to Well of Sorrow.
Applied to the caster by default, shared with 5 people with Traversing Dusk along with Alac application.
And change all of the specter's wells (save for the healing one) to be 1/2 on cast time, fancy casting animations be damned.

And would also be nice if any of the wells got boon rip/corrupt, as that's also a bit of a struggle as well.

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It's not just the loss of regen.  Bounty can no longer provide protection, aegis, or Quickness..   which is a massive loss.  Guaranteed stability is nice, but thats basically the whole ability now, the other boons are covered except for resistance which is fairly niche.  I really dislike this change.

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