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Hammer Time?


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Hopefully! It's getting tiny power buffs along with other weapons from time to time, so hopefully it'll get there sometime!

Though if it's intended as a utility weapon, it might need more, duh, utility. Boons, conditions, damage mitigation, anything. Its skills feel quite outdated.

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Yes , thats a weapon we forgot almost about guardian , and by definition the hammer is a bad weapon , only class who can play it are guardian , warrior , untamed , catalyst and Rev . And it is weirdly designed in those classes . I agree , i would also like a rework on it for guardian , i personally never plays it , could go support or offensiv , both idea sounds great , make skill 2 jump more ranged with some adding effects or heal on impact , adding some boons to the 3 rd skill long range for allies , skill 4 could transform your target into a living projectile damaging the enmies in his path (a bit like berserker wild blow used to be) make the 5 skill area a pulsing damage or heal , not just a "you shall not pass" skill.

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Hammer 5 should draw a ring of fire 😛  cc+ condi

Hammer 4 a blast that could  remove all enchantments -> https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Banish_Enchantment, if target has no boons it gets KD and burns, 3 targets.

Hammer 2 make it a leap to target with 1 sec evasion frame  plus extra damage on targets that are KD.

Hammer 3 dual skills where it CC's 1st then rush to target to perform a blow.

Hammer 1 would stay the same

The Hammer trait would change Burn for chills in the hammer skills, would be decent for a shout rune chill build, and would revive a bit some old skills to be used again.

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from pvp wvw perspective (I don’t play Pve)


Would be nice some love for this weapon… barely anyone use it and could help the lack of CC that guardian have.  it’s not just about add some numbers, it’s about that it feels a bit clunky (specially #4) hard to land, AA too slow. At the moment it is a weapon dont bring enough stuff to the table to justify use it in from of GS damage and mobility.

I would like something like move the symbol to skill 5 (it’s already a light field itself) so it can pulse damage to trapped foes while providing boons to allies (or maybe even block projectiles but that may be a bit too much 😂) Removing  the symbol from AA allow to speed sup the full chain. Additionally increase the hit box on skill4 and add some damage to the skill as warrior hammer CCs. That would increase the damage and playability of the kit. 

Skills 2 and 3 are kind of alright, more damage would be appreciated but not as important as previous stuff that would make the weapon easiest to use on Pvp situations .

That would make the weapon fun to play, providing a different gameplay experience from GS but still been good and useful for your team. 





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