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Dragon Trigger bugged


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[Note: I posted this in the Bugs section, too, but I'm posting here for visibility]


When the change was made to prevent people from spamming a 0 charge DS boost over and over on a 4s CD, they apparently made it so DT can no longer go on an interrupt CD.  Instead, it goes on a full CD if you are CC'd while in DT.


The correct coding should be that DT goes on full CD if a Dragon Slash attack is actually activated (e.g., you actually use a 0 charge DS Boost).  However, if you get CC'd while still in DT and before you've activated a DS attack, DT should go on a 4s CD.  Similarly, if you accidentally hit a movement key and cancel DT, it should go on a 4s CD, not the full 8s CD.

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3 hours ago, Red Haired Savage.5430 said:

I've also had a few issues with DT2 I haven't been able to consistently replicate where it doesn't go off, and I'm still sitting at my initial location even though I've used the skill and it goes on full CD.

Yeah, I've had that, too! Super frustrating. At first I thought maybe I had been immob'd, but it's happened other times when I was fairly certain I was not immob'd.


Is this Rush bug 2.0?😭

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