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(Suggestion) Stowed Shield Size

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On my asura, I've noticed that shields are smaller when stowed on my character's back, compared to when wielded. I.e whenever I wield the shield, it gets bumped up a few notches size wise, only to shrink again when stowed.


Therefore, shields tend to look a bit small and uncool while stowed. Bigger stowed shields would be really cool.

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7 hours ago, Mariyuuna.6508 said:

They do this so they don't clip the ground, and many larger shields already clip the pants on light and medium armor. If you want to see what happens when they don't scale weapons down, look at Charrzooka. It clips the ground on every single race and size combination, because they forgot to scale it down when stowed.

I thought that was a feature.  The biggest of guns!

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