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What would you call these, if not arenas?


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I want to make a Wiki page for all the different 'arenas', to do a side-by-side comparison, like the page for Lounges, but for the various 'combat arenas' like these:

The obvious name is arenas, but that already exists on the Wiki and redirects to part of the Structured PvP article. I don't want to change that because it's the more important and useful version, but I'm not sure what else to call an article summarising options for the other places to have small scale PvP fights.

I don't want to call them something like 'PvE arenas' because they're not all in PvE maps and don't all use PvE skills. I considered duelling spots but to me that implies they're specifically for 1v1 combat and that's not the case.

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Combat-Oriented Zones Designed for Player-Versus-Player Combat Located in Random Spots of Tyria for the Convenience of Players, Separate From the Distinct Player-Versus-Player Maps for Unranked and Ranked Matches, Unequivical to World-Versus-World Maps, and a Departure From Player-Versus-Environment Combat-Oriented Maps Wherein Players Fight Other Players Rather Than Scripted Non-Player Characters, and Now Marketing is Telling Us This Name Is Way Too Long.



I'll keep thinking...


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