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Ascalon Fishing

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I am unsure if anyone else is struggling with lake fish in Ascalon, as I have 2 elusive fish, and both fishing times are 5 min windows of dawn and dusk, but the problem is, I have struggled for 4 days, 2 food buffs of 12 hours each, and now becoming ridiculous. Is there something different on the Ascalon map, apart from the fishing cages, koi tonics and other junk that fight harder than a legendary fish and rob you of your precious time. Not sure if anyone else has been struggling with this, as having fished most other places, this one is very different, very challenging and very frustrating, and the RNG is very different to other maps.

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Another tip, gathering boosts that can give you extra gathers can help get 4 fish per hole.  This spreadsheet by Fethi is an amazing little guide to all the fish https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Bhzxj6T1bc83UGMwtr_B4A_UoCxIqugoYVjNSwlcsVc/edit#gid=153716200 and this timer helps track when to fish https://fishing.arrowmaster.info/01/multiclock.html#clock

It's been a bit since I completed the fishing collections but I do recall Ascalon being a pain.  Orr, too.

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As mentioned, applying the gathering boosts is very helpful to maximize the number of catches in such a narrow window of opportunity.  The other recommendations would be to ensure that your Fishing Power is up prior to the start of the window, and also take a few minutes to ensure that you've got the 3-5 fishing holes mapped out as optimally as possible in advance to ensure your 5 minutes is spent as efficiently as possible... RNG, but you can definitely help yourself by improving those odds.

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