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Warrior/Necromancer Duo


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Hello, I’m hoping some for some insight on running with my necromancer friend. He is currently working towards a condition damage harbinger . I am about 10 levels out from him on my warrior. My question is, once I get to level cap with him, what can I do to help him the most ?  

While he is further ahead of me, I have quite a bit more experience in MMOs in general than him. This will be his first one actually. What can I do on my profession to help him out the most and have some synergy leveling and tackling harder content eventually? Any necros that can give me pointers on what helps them , or maybe some warriors that have some insight maybe? 

Thanks for any pointers in advance! Don’t know if this helps but leaning towards either a spellbreaker or berserker for elite spec currently. 

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As a foreword :
Well you two picked an odd combo. Both warrior and necromancer apply quickness but not alacrity ; both are not typically used for healing either in groups.

What is optimal compared to what is accessible:
The optimal combinations at least in openworld would be something akin to quickness harbinger with an alacrity source such as renegade or tempest. I would not think something such as alacrity mechanist is a good idea here unlike for instanced content since it needs to be in melee for the default build. Specter alacrity relies on well spam and does not have a strong power variant so it is not great for openworld. Ranger alacrity comes from spirits that are not very mobile making it a slog in openworld PvE ; mirage alacrity comes from staff ambush which has clone issues against easy mobs ; chronomancer relies on wells for alacrity meaning your utilities are pretty locked up.

In harder content then one of you would be playing DPS and the other would be quickness unless you both play DPS (assuming you stay with warrior and necro). Quickness harbinger is more flexible than quickness condition berserker or power quickness bladesworn. If both play DPS it should be of no issue however.

The good news: in my experiences playing with PUGs quickness is far more effective than alacrity. Alacrity is of no use if people do not use their damage skills properly while quickness improves even the laziest "autoattack only" players. So if you can find yourself someone that can play alacrity healer (whether it is mechanist, tempest, or druid) most endgame instanced content should be simple to set up groups for.

What to do when not at level cap: Warrior quickness is baseline whereas necromancer quickness is only available at max level with harbinger specialization. I would therefore suggest you play the quickness role.

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You can battle ress with your elite banner (at least I think you can still do it). Banners in general are really strong. 

Shouts are also nice support. For great justice for some offensive boons and Shake it off for stun break and condi cleanse (shake it off has been changed recently to also work on allies and is generally a great defensive skill). 

Warrior can also share a ton of might with phalanx strength trait in tactics. Use to be one of the main might generation classes in raids with this trait. The only thing is, the trait competes with vigorous shouts trait which is a decent aoe heal. But between warrior and necro, the necro is much better choice for some healing (well barrier) which you dont need in general open world anyway. 

You can also  look at warhorn. 


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