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FB and PVP\WvW (roaming?)


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Ok, so wanting to have a class that can transition into pvp\wvw fairly easy (from like qFb) and doesnt get smashed. How is Fb in these areas? I have looked at Metabattle but many of those builds are old so figured i would go straight to source, you all!

Is Firebrand any good? And yea, i saw where like DH and even core are a thing but would prefer to just stay as a FB if possible. And if not Fb, is there a class that does bounce back and forth with little effort (yes, I'm old and lazy...lol)


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FB is extremely awful in sPvP to the point that I wouldn't recommend it for new players or anyone, which is probably why Metabattle have old Firebrand builds lol.

That said a new patch is coming out on Heart Day, Feb 14th. Firebrand will change so much that there will be new metabuilds for them. They will be better but I'm uncertain about their proficiency in sPvP.

All Guard specs have builds that do decently in WvW and PvP both but I don't play WvW so, I can't really help you in that regard :3.

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In sPvP FB was nerfed into special garbage tier a couple of years ago. For WvW, celestial FB still is pretty decent for small scale and even solo. The tomes nerfs affected its performance, but it's still  a fun build. Here is the link.


P.S. You can swap Sword for axe if you are running with a group. 

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If you've played pve hfb you can likely play wvw zerg support without much issue. For conquest check the shout support core build, it doesnt play that different. You can also do small scale roaming (though not solo) with the core build (minstrel stats for wvw), assuming someone in your group can stealth you to disengage when outnumbered.

But guard dps builds... I dont think there is anything playable that plays like qcfb. Maybe wb is that simple if you play against bad players. Fb itself you might try the cele condi build in wvw but it cant disengage and that is always a problem with roaming. Conquest doesnt have cele so its unplayable there.

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