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Does any employee monitor "community" or "forum" mailbox?

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I have an alt account which i just log in once in a while on another server.
Recently i saw a post in this forum about a guild recruiting and wanted to message them from that account name as the guild was from that same server as the account.

I can't even remember what i posted with that account but it shows i have 2 posts. I think those posts were when we had the old forum so once we moved to this new forum, i didn't post anything.

To my surprise i log in and find the forum account is banned. No idea why. My game account is fine.
So logged a ticket to support and they replied quickly saying i'll need to contact community@guildwars2.com or  forum or forums@guildwars2.com

I emailed community more that a week and bit ago, got a new support ticket auto reply and no correspondence since.   

I emailed forums and nothing from there.
So i need to ask Anet if someone actually monitors those mailboxes?

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