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Mesmer arrow one day ?


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It might seem a bit weird at first to imagine the mesmer like that, but it's a "class" I've been waiting for in guild wars forever.

 So don't ask me how to imagine it, I wouldn't be able to, the dev team will be much better at it than I am and I trust them to pull it off, so far they've always thought of cool new "subclass" stuff and I imagine they still have plenty of ideas in mind including this one I hope for very soon ;p, but here I am, making this topic to bring up this class idea for Guild Wars 2. 

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My hope someday if there still give classes new weapons. 


Shortbow mesmer

Longbow elementalist

Offhand sword thief

Rifle or pistol revenant 

Staff warrior

Rifle guardian

Offhand axe necro

Shield ranger

Engineer is still a tough one to think of thematically but I oddly enough I feel staffor focus could be made to work in an interesting way. 


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15 hours ago, Levetty.1279 said:

Not likely since they have announced they are dropping expansions and just charging for patches instead.

Could mean we see new weapons for general use. Doing a single weapon per class is much less effort than designing a full elite spec.

Then again, I probably high on Copium.

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