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[PvP] Why Play D/D Catalyst vs D/D Core Ele?


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Been playing a D/D catalyst recently as I have always been a D/D ele player; however, I am not seeing the allure of catalyst over core honestly. The extra might stacking and quickness are kinda nice from spheres as well as I guess the elemental empowerment over time, but I guess I have become so accustomed to the water and earth trees depending on what build that I miss maybe? 

Curious if I am just missing something large about it or just devaluing some of the basics when comparing as I haven't been playing it much.

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 > Quickness lets you combo better. 

If you land updraft you can get more of your burst out before they get out of the stun. 

 > Lots of free might means you hit a lot harder. Lets you invest into tankier stats like Cele (WvW), or Marauder + Divinity runes (PvP) and still have great pressure. I've even gone Avatar amulet a few times and still had enough pressure to kill people. 

>> Also has lots of other boons that core ele struggles to get. You can average 6 boons up at any given time. Gives them excellent synergy with bountiful power for yet MORE pressure, even with tanky stats.

>>> Also has elemental empowerment for EVEN MORE free stats. 

> Dagger has a lot of combo finishers, which compliment Jade Spheres

> > When you combo you get stability thanks to staunch auras. This makes catalyst much harder to lock down than core ele

> > > Comboing also gives you auras. This lets catalyst spam out magnetic/shocking aura and  counter ranged/melee attackers respectively. 

> Access to Catalyst utilities. Heal skill is solid, and synergizes extremely well with antitoxin runes (WvW). Fortified earth gives you a good on-demand block. Makes you even more difficult to focus down. 

> Elemental Celerity is very strong. (Recently nerfed in PvP). Lets you double up on your combos. 

> Has access to resistance (PvP and WvW) so you can ignore chilled and immobilize, two conditions that traditionally counter ele. 


There's a lot of reasons to play catalyst over core. These are just the ones that came to mind immediately. 


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Like most elite specs, catalyst is pretty much better than the core spec in every way.   However, if your build is borked (e.g. using water/earth) that could be your problem because instead of a good trait line like fire in that third slot you're forced to take catalyst.  

Maybe try it with traits like fire or air paired with arcane.  Water and earth are generally weaker options unless you're playing a support role.

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Cata is core on roids


Huge boon farting


You have stab quickness a waterfield to blast, many many options, more you push the mechanical side more you get from it


A like core a lot, arcane rounds the class so well, you can go really agressive with ther other 2 traitlines and you'll still have good sustain

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