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Suggestion: Bring back PvE/PvP competitive missions 'like' Jade Quarry/Fort Aspenwood! (pitch it as Guild Wars 2: Conquest)

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I am still buying the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansion soon, and in spite of all the expansion has to offer, a big integral part of Cantha is completely missing: competitive missions that are PvP-based that can be joined with other players in a PvE area of the map. Those PvE/PvP competitive missions were known as the Jade Quarry and Fort Aspenwood in the original Guild Wars (to any new players reading this who may not know).


However, I am suggesting new competitive missions be implemented (and more than just 2 of them, each with different kinds of gameplay objectives). That is what made the competitive missions interesting is it was a form of 'conquest' in an MMORPG on the map itself (always changing) and I strongly believe the concept of conquest should be revisited.


This is therefore not a suggestion for the team over at Anet to bring back Jade Quarry and Fort Aspenwood (it may not fit the expansions' current reimagining) but to consider implementing an alternative form of conquest somewhere in the game.


This implementation can be pitched to players as Guild Wars 2: Conquest with a different war story and different reasons as to what it is the new orders are fighting for and why. And instead of 2 orders (like with the Luxons and Kurzicks) there can be up to 4 different orders.


A Guild Wars 2: Conquest addition to the game will be awesome. It would also be more than just 'claiming' an outpost alone like in the original Guild Wars and enjoying what the outpost NPCs have to offer. Players can also get access to exclusive passageways, roads, shortcuts, routes by water (now that we have boats we can use), etc. for claiming certain parts of the map (even small island areas) that lead to materials, mines, mini games, anything.


Thank you for your time.


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