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Berserker Stance Needs More


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@Cal Cohen.2358

Thank you for reducing the CD of Berserker Stance in the upcoming patch. It is definitely trending towards being usable...but it's not quite there.

BS was initially the anti-condition stance option, but this is no longer the case after the changes to resistance.  And while on-demand resistance is still valuable, it is decidedly devalued now that we can get resistance on dodge from resilient roll. Further, the lack of cleansing makes it hard to take BS over something like Shake It Off, esp since SIO is also a stun break.

The adrenaline gain is nice, too, of course, but signet of fury does it even better on an even shorter CD.

In summary, BS does nothing well. It needs to excel at something in order to have a niche.  A few ideas:

A) reduce CD to 15s.  Now it's on par with signet of Fury and provides a reliable source of adrenaline and resistance. This makes it easier to justify giving up resilient roll in favor of defy pain. Also, the low CD would help you get lots of value from Last Stand.

B) Add cleansing to the skill. Either cleanse one condition per pulse or cleanse 3 conditions up front on stance activation.  Keep the 25s CD (reasonable, I think, since you're giving guardian Smite Condition on a 16s CD).

I'd advocate for option B myself, as I think that provides a good balance of utility without promoting stance-spam for Last Stand procs.

Thanks for considering it!

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I personaly do not pic Berserkers stance cause it does things that we could Pic anywhere else (Skill or traitlines) and even more consistence. Warrior rn need 2 stunbrakes (endurepain/feather food/"Shake it Off!"/Stomp/Outrage/Balance Stance/Frenzy/Dolyak Signet) plus one CC (Bullscharge) ;ranged skill (Sundering Leap) or a Skill that instantly fills your Adrenaline bar with other good Options (Berserkers Rage skills) on a fair low Cooldown. 

And all Berserker's Stance does rn is fill your Adrenaline and puls Resistancs for 4 Seconds on a 40 Seconds (new one will be 25 Seconds) CD. 

Why would i pic it when i get the same Effekt by Pic traits that fill adrenalin (while Take a Hit/CC enemy/hit with specific weapon) plus gain another effect (condi remove in burst Hit/ increased dmg) and then take Resilent roll (gain 2 seconds resistance after Dodge)


Like idk maybe I would pic it if it would be a stunbrake (as every other Stance is btw). But yea as it stand now the Skill itself is pretty mutch useless ^^

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1 hour ago, Zizekent.2398 said:

They should just put resolution aswel on it.

I wouldn't say no to resolution, but cleansing is more important. You wouldn't be able to take it as a replacement to SIO, for instance, if there's no cleanse. And if it can't compete with SIO, then it needs to compete with another utility on your bar...and since it can't do anything like endure pain (or balanced stance or dolyak signet) or bulls charge, it won't displace those from your bar either.

If it cleansed 3 condis on activation in addition to its other effects, I could definitely see it being used in some builds instead of SIO.

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20 minutes ago, felix.2386 said:

they just matching it closer to signet of fury, that's it.

will probably have play in hammer build tho, as hammer take no resist on dodge.

Might also see it on rifle or LB zerker builds in place of a rage skills, esp if they use Defy Pain.

I think BS needs to have a lower CD, though to really replace a rage skill. Hence the suggestions in the OP.

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