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[Poll] The great reset


The great reset  

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  1. 1. Should the separation of PvE and PvP be reset?

    • Yes, start over with PvP balance from scratch
    • No, do not start over from scratch

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More content has been removed from PvP than added. This continues to happen and is killing the game.

Give us back all of the removed sigils, amulets, damage on CC, traits/skills/utilities that were gutted for PvP, in fact, just give us back everything at this point.

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bro they are so kittening bad at " balancing " that they kittened up blanket 30% nerf across all damages and made a clusterduck of kitten balance for 2 years ( feb patch )
and you want the to redo everything, lololo

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I don't know about starting everything from scratch, but they need to revert/undo the 6/27 patch and start that over from scratch.

Seriously, this patch killed the game, and hotfixes & tweaks to this patch won't be enough to fix things this time. They are foolish to not full revert these changes back to the way things were on 6/26.

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Where is the moderator option? That is the content i want.

Nobody wants to play with a bunch of toxic man children and their army of alts ruining ranked.

Also remove duoQ and balance around the whole player base and not only the 10%.

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This new expansion will further throw balance out the window. With the addition of every spec weapon available to there respective core class, it will make "balancing" an impossibility. What you should be asking is better skills and abilities in general. Like for starters if a condi spec is doing condi damage I feel all power damage should be remove dfrom the skill. 

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