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So what builds are ppl using now in PVE/fracs/Raids and PVP after update?


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@Peacekid.1463 pretty sure it will all stay the same (aside you will now be able to sweap to alac or quickness). Also GS Berserker is not as good as before the patch but its not like it was any real good before (only against mobs with Low Lifepool). So yea all this patch does is maybe for some peops "removing" 1 Spin for win Skill. And gain us more supportish Variants of our DPS Builds. 

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I ran through some DRM CMs with rifle last night. Not a DPS chart topping weapon, but it felt very nice. Rifle 4 cancels your current action, which is good because it is on demand evade now and unlike WWA the evade frames come out quick. However, it is also easy to cancel the follow up attack. The follow up attack will also not fire unless you have a target selected.

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I haven't been terribly inspired to play most of the content I used to enjoy after the patch, but that's probably more because of other classes I play than warrior. 


For warrior:

Spellbreaker seems to be broken, so that's off the table for now (breach strike seems to be missing frequently from what others have said). 

I'm not practiced enough on condi berserker rotation, but I may play that more and get practiced up on it since it seems to be doing solid damage.


Mostly right now, I'm still playing primarily Bladesworn.  It's still solid dps with great burst and can now do alac with just a single trait swap and nothing else if needed in a group.

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Grinded out the new Fractal 100 achievements on Alac Bladesworn. Slow to apply its first tick of Alac, but otherwise plays exactly like the DPS version.

I was looking forward to improved QOL from having to charge half as long - but [Daring Dragon] also makes you consume flow twice as fast so you still end up having to take the entire bar of [Overcharged Cartridges][Flow Stabilizer][Dragonspike Mine][Tactical Reload] which really sucks. 

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55 minutes ago, Peacekid.1463 said:

seems warriors in strikes and raids tend to do less dmg than b4 

Spellbreaker is bugged (breaching strike misses a lot for some reason), but DPS Bladesworn is unchanged.  Condi berserker also benches at 42k, which is higher than any warrior build per-patch.

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23 hours ago, Peacekid.1463 said:

Are u guys using same old builds with minor or major tweaks or completely ignore atm?

My openworld Builds.

Core Solo

Personal Quickness Zerker

Dmg? No. Only BOOONS!

That build has perma:

  • Might
  • Fury
  • Quickness
  • Swiftness
  • Vigor
  • Resistance


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I think everything will stay the Same only difference at least in PvE Instanced might going to be:

Power Berserker is hard nerfed so no reason to Take it above Spellbraker or Bladesworn

Condi Berserker seems to be buffed and does alot more DPS aside this also its quickness Version does more DPS so you might also use this

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