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[Suggestion] Blowtorch should interact with Glue Shot (Pistol 4 and 5)


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I think it would be a cool idea if Blowtorch (Pistol 4) interacted with Glue Shot (Pistol 5). For instance, using Blowtorch on an enemy that is coated by your Glue Shot would set the Glue Shot on fire and inflict more stacks of burning. However, it would instantly remove all stacks of immobilized that were applied by the Glue Shot as the glue is burned up.

This would offer a risk and reward style gameplay of choosing to remove the immobilizing effect of Glue Shot in favor of dealing more burning damage. It also offers options of how you want to play. Do you want to use Glue Shot from afar and trap the enemy away from you? Or do you want to wait for them to get up close and then combo them with Glue Shot into Blowtorch? Or maybe you Glue Shot them from afar and instead of keeping your distance you run up to them while they're trapped and set the glue ablaze.


I think it would be fun. I can see it as turning the Glue Shot into a fire field of sort? Rather than tracking who was glued maybe they have to be in the glue AoE when you Blowtorch it to be set ablaze. Or maybe it can apply a special condition onto players that stepped into it called "Glued" that lasts for 1s but pulses each time the Glue Shot field pulses and they're still standing in it. Blowtorching a Glued enemy would remove the glue (and prevent new stacks of Glued) and burn them.

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Yeah, it definitely needs something, and that would be something. I don't think it's enough though.

For one thing, immobilize stacks duration, and Glue Shot applies a single relatively short duration pulse of immob. In PvP/WvW, that is almost not noticeable, and it's gone quickly - usually cleansed instantly, or its duration just expires before you can follow up. In casual PvE, I think it's a similar issue, plus you almost don't want to immob your targets in the type of field that Glue Shot provides. Instead you want them to stack tight so you can cleave them.

The other issue is that Blowtorch is a weird skill that's hard to aim, and I don't think the game can even register whether or not it is active over a ground AoE. I like the flavour of burning on a glue/oil/grease field though. Feels very fantasy-RPG.

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