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How is KDR calculated?


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I've ignored these stats (points, kd, whatever) for most of my time.  I got curious recently, so I'll ask - how is KD calculated for the server?

If 5 people kill 1, is that +5 : -1?  Or is it +1 : -1  ?

One reason I asked is that I noticed the numbers didn't average to 1 : 1, so I got curious about what I'm missing.


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Afaik a death is still only 1 kill for the server that killed him, even if 5 people technically got credit for the kill. 

You'll never get 1:1 numbers because people die for all kinds of reasons. Leaping off a cliff, to guards, accidentally forgetting the zone you are in isnt friendly when trying to fly, etc.

I also believe both enemy servers can get a kill from tagging the same person, which mess it up further.

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14 hours ago, Chaba.5410 said:

Yes.  You see this when there's two +2s of different colors that pop when a person who just got third-partied by another server dies.  xD

Yep, you can sit there on a an AC hitting both sides and collect points and kills for your team. 

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