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Oblige Obscure achievement in Amnytas [Merged]


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Hi, I'm stuck on one of the items to finish off the Oblige Obscure achievement in Amnytas.

There's a Help Livia escort the relics by shooting at Kryptis from the magic platforms.

How does one get credit for it?

I stood on one of the platforms and pew-pew those kryptis floating things, I definitely shot down some, but didn't get credit when the event ended😣

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I got the mastery point achievement from Livia floating platform event when I shot down like more than 20 cryptis turrets and atleast 2 targetted cryptis humanoid thingies on the rocky surfaces during the event... 


Note: When I tried it for the first time I was lazy and shot like only 5 cryptis turrets so I didn't get that achievement...then I read wiki, it mentioned, we need to kill many turrets so aim for as many turrets u can shoot down

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i did this last night after many attempts, i killed 4 of the sharpshooters and quite a lot of the floating things, it appears that you need to kill as many of the snipers as you can,  when you have killed the correct number you get the mastery point, nothing tells you the number you need to kill, all a bit hit and miss though.

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On 9/10/2023 at 12:20 PM, gashen.3874 said:

i have done the event to escort livia on the platforms 4 times and no mastery point for doing so. this is the last event i need to complete oblige obscure, am i missing something or is it bugged

I did the event event but with a relative big group, i wonder if this is related.

you should also stay til the very end of event, that finish in another bastion, is very easy to miss thinking event ended.

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