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Day 125412 asking to fix Silent Surf Fractal CM

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How many more weeks will you stay silent without fixing the CM of the Silent Surf Fractal or others CMs too ? It's been weeks now and still no patch ! This is very disappointing and annoying even to you Anet. FIX IT ! 

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2 hours ago, DxGod.4195 said:

Have you tried the actual CM? God please let this be fixed already.

i did today. Silent surf is fixed, didnt have single issue there, Ai in sunqua fixed as well

Artsariiv tho.. technically fixed, but not entirely. she stays in the middle for a bit too long ( like  ~2-3 sec longer than she previously did) but than follows with her beam on edge and tp to corner as she should. so encounter works fine, there are no bugs etc. but that small delay before she teleports to edge makes mid-burn tactic much easier.

but thats not a big deal tbh, could even stay like that.

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10 hours ago, Vinceman.4572 said:

100 CM is way too easy now. The bugs made it kinda challenging even if not intended. ^^
But seriously, it's just a boring fight taking a little bit too long and it feels that mechanics are extremely repetitive.

It is too easy, yet there is always 1 or 2 people who will mess up at title +ufe groups which is annoying and after few times i just wanna vote kick people but at the same time everyone is too nice and just 4,3 man the rest of the fight..

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