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I have to ask anet because its bugging me


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Why do the wizards in the tower have Mad King Thorn locked up?  I stumbled across this while exploring the tower and was like oh I thought he was in the Mad realm? And boy is he mad, says some pretty harsh things to that poor tengu lol

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51 minutes ago, Parasite.5389 said:

from what i remember, none of their ambient dialogue identifies them directly as Thorn

yep, that's definitely not Thorn. Also, the Mad Realm is in the Underworld, and it's a prison, or so I understand. Just because Thorn claims to be its king doesn't mean he's really the king of the Mad Realm. After all, he's somewhat cray-cray, and nothing he says can be taken seriously. This brings us to the possibility of the Mad Realm being a very poorly designed prison where more eccentric individuals lurk and occasionally escape, which may be the case with the mysterious being behind that door.

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