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Min Maxing WV Alt Account Farming (a theory craft post)


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Considering the price for Mystic Coins are shooting to the moon and the discounts on expansions + gem store, I'm thinking it may be worth buying a few alt accounts for WV farming. This post is a bit of theory crafting about min/maxing accounts for this purpose. If price is the main consideration, is it worth buying Copper-Fed-Salvage-o-Matic, 1000 Seas Pass, or Recharging Teleport to Friend for an alt account? If so, assuming the account only has 1 shared inventory slot, which is the best?

For WV alt account farming there are 3 priorities: 1) Keep cost as low as possible 2) Minimize time spent completing dailies / weeklies. 3) Minimize time spent getting your first level 80.

Bear in mind these accounts are ALTERNATE. They will be mailing stuff to the main account and will only be played to complete dailies / weeklies. A lot of the valuable QOL items are pointless on such accounts.

Given those priorities, there are 3 strategies when making an alt account. Each has various pros and cons and adds different amounts to the "daily and weekly quest pool":

  • Buy SOTO and no other expansion. Cost $25 USD (~700 gold). Gives instant level 80 booster and shared slot. Gives access to an additional legendary weapon kit. Basically only adds rifts and SOTO metas to the daily / weekly pool. Can only do Core builds.
  • Buy HoT/PoF bundle. Costs $7.50 USD (~200 gold). Gives instant level 80 booster and shared slot. Gives lesser access to WV. Adds 2 expansions worth of content to dailies / weeklies which will expand traveling but not hit the lengthy EoD dailies. Gives access to more meta builds.
  • Use Heroic Edition. Free with certain promos (one is currently running on Geforce Now). Requires you to grind a level 80 (unless this account is older). Gives lesser access to WV but also keeps the minimal list of dailies /weeklies. Can only do Core builds.

Assuming you use one of the purchased accounts that come with a shared inventory slot, is it worth filling that slot with an infinite salvage kit, premium lobby, or recharging teleport to friend? I'm so used to salvaging on my main account, I'm not sure if it would be reasonable to mail all salvage from alt accounts to the main account (and avoid buying the kit). 1000 seas lobby is very nice for getting new characters to new areas, but the alt account wouldn't do that very often. Therefore I'm thinking it may be most prudent to get the teleport to friend. The alt accounts theoretically won't have the pile of TP2F that a main account has, and they can be used for JP skips / quickly moving to the meta. Recharging TP to Friend costs 512 gems on sale (~175 gold).

Additionally, If you are going with PoF, it might be worth getting LWS 4-2 to get the position rewinder + IBS 2 & 3 for Bjora chest farming. This comes to a total cost of 600 gems (~200g) + time getting the position rewinder + time getting relevant masteries. Fast Farming reports 3 characters would earn 1 to 1.5g each per day. Given you likely won't have a flying mount for this account I'd go with the low estimate of 1g / character / day. For a "break event" time of 67 days and 3g / day after. It'll also require consistent access to teleport to friend or a mesmer portal.

What are your thoughts on doing all this? Would it be better to go with WVW / PVP instead of PVE for dailies / weeklies? Are any non-expansion purchases worth it? Are WV alt accounts an evil abomination that no one should be discussing?


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Added gem cost to LWS + IBS strategy and TP to Friend
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I've spent very little gems on my alt accounts. When they've gotten the 400 gems via achievements, I've added a character slot or bank expansion. I've gotten some harvesting tools, but mostly use the disposables ones. Same for salvage. If the point is to boost your main account, why spend anything on the alts?

Also remember that any time you're playing an alt account is time you are not playing your main. Maybe you're happy with your main acct and don't feel a need to chase achievements, legendaries, or whatever, but still, other than gold value, your main sits when you play alts.

Most of mine are core only, and I prefer that. One with HoT+PoF, and 2 with HoT. It's just easier to do the dailies and weeklies core-only. But I mostly just go for the low hanging fruit and call it good, like weekly Salvage, ID, Events, stuff like that. It still generates plenty of AA for the gold etc.

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2 minutes ago, DeanBB.4268 said:

I've spent very little gems on my alt accounts. When they've gotten the 400 gems via achievements

Thanks for the thoughtful response!

I hadn't considered achievement gems. This is a great point! Seems the best time to do all this would have been before when core accounts could easily get tomes. Now the grind to 80 would take a long time on core only accounts, time that would be better spent on the main account!

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How good would be more lazy aproach? Go for HoT PoF

Focus on seasonal easy rewards

90x gold

150x 0.75g laurens

60x1.5g coins

20x mastery potion

And you focus on just getting seasonal, and after that full lazzy mode. It could be the fastest 300g.

Leveling: Adventurer Guide. Also can hang out at world bosses (like play, but also being carried by others).

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Withou any math but it makes sense to me.

Buy the cheapest non f2p variant, level to lvl 2, do only spvp dailies/weeklies. Those are probably the fastest anyway.

You can also park your character to a profitable spot as you wont need to move in ow at all.

Sell unidentified gear.

Maybe buy pof/hot so you have access to elite specs and wont grief your teammates. Allthough spvp is the only mode where some core specs are ok.

Youll lose on special tasks if you do it this way and if you dont buy soto. But long term youll need to buy new expansions anyway for those.

Still having only lvl 2 char has limitations. But you will get tomes over time so you will lvl eventually.

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There is one advantage to buying an alt account that has one expansion and that is the permanent mount you will get. The core only accounts don’t have that. It’s an expense but if you’re doing dailies on multiple accounts you will sometimes need to travel around in a map to get dailies done and a mount makes the travel time much less. 

it’s not a huge deal. You can save the cost and just run to where you need to go but it’s a noticeable QoL for alt accounts. 
If you do buy an expansion maybe Crystal Desert as waypoint fees to that map are cheap and the map is fairly easy and you can get XP to make your mount more useful. 

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