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Symbols and a way to make them more fun(useable in pvp)


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Morning y'all,

I have a heavy disdain for the current way Symbols work in the game but I've figured out a way to make them far better and more enjoyable to use with little-to-no mechanical change.  As we all know, these skills last 4 seconds(5 pulses) in a very small circle.  I've devised a way to make them better!

-Reduce the duration of all symbols to 2 seconds(Hammer is already like this)

-Increase the damage by 25%(normally you'd call for 50% since you're losing half the duration but that's too much.

-Front load the application of boons per weapon since each weapon gives a different amount per pulse.

Sword - 5 seconds

Axe - 5 seconds

Hammer - keep it as is

Long Bow - 7.5 seconds

Great Sword - 5 seconds

Mace - 5 seconds

Scepter - 5 seconds, 4 stacks

Staff - 10 seconds

These changes would be very easy to implement without causing power-creep and more fun for the user since no one stands in them for the full duration.

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Symbols got a huge damage nerf in February 25th, 2020, along side the trait Writ of Persistence's symbol radius and symbol healing. The nerf was overkill.

What's funny is they ended up killing an otherwise fun 2nd build option with Writ of Persistence's symbol radius and healing, which was the answer to a lot of the symbol issues we now have.

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41 minutes ago, Arken.3725 said:

It did help but it also wasn't very fun in my opinion for either the user who whoever was fighting that symbol spec.

The build certainly plays itself that's for sure. I certainly can't argue the amount of forum grievances that symbolic healing build brought lol. I'm still bitter about the build removal though. Almost as bitter as the removal of trapper runes.

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