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"Normal" enemy health and toughness in scaled events seems high

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I don't know if this is something new or something I am just starting to notice more, but the "normal" rank enemies in scaled-up events feel like they get the health and toughness of "elites".

Rift hunting in Lake Doric last night I would start fighting enemies for the first phase of a rift and saw that it was taking longer to chip away at the health of normal kryptis enemies than veterans or elites. At first I thought I'd somehow wrecked my build, but everything else seemed ok. The exact mechanics of scaling are a mystery to me, but if this is intended, I'd much rather see scaling affect the number and rank of enemies rather than just upping health and toughness. 

It wasn't the biggest problem since it only got that way when there was a crowd running the event, but it felt wrong to be blasting away at an enemy that should have been easy and having it tank like a raid boss. 😛 

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This is either back or still happening. Normal enemies in a Tier 1 rift event either have incredible defense or more health than veterans and elites inTier 2 or 3. Those spiky little monsters are tough to chip away at.

(Related to this, I still do not like scaling mechanics that just add health to enemies. Scale though numbers or by adding veteran/elite/champ status enemies. Making things take longer to kill isn't scaling, it is annoying.)

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I just did ~24 T1 rifts with ~15 players as a full pDPS SB. And I felt like a sponge despite still doing the most damage in Arc. The mobs are now made outta Nokias, even worse than the ones you find in DRMs with all challenges active.

This clearly wasn't the case before and just makes T1 rift hunting extremely tiresome.

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