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Multiple accounts and sending items between them?

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Hi! I've been considering making a NA account to allow me to play with NA friends, however one thing stopping me is I'm unsure on the rules regarding sending myself items. I haven't been able to find a clear answer so if anyone has any information please feel free to share! I'm unable to find any information on this. I have a few doubles of useful items (infinite mining tools) I'd like to send to the account if I make it, but I'd rather not do it if it's against the rule. 

Anyway, any help is appreciated! 😄 

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On 2/9/2024 at 6:18 PM, Void.8921 said:

Tysm for your replies! 😄

Gem Store items that you purchase on one  account can be bought to another another account if you see that special symbol for that item. You need to purchase it as a gift and make sure you pick the correct account before you continue as that item will be sent by in game mail system to that account. There is not check if send item to wrong accunt, so double check that you really pick correct account before you start this process as a Gift.

Here Gem Store Gifting is explained: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Gem_Store/Gifting

Wiki is not completely correct for every item which can or can not be purchased as a gift, so you need to check in game (Gem Store) if it is possible to use this method to gift an item to another account. The symbol in right upper corner of item that can be bought as a Gift look like a Gift package.

You can send Bag Slots Expansion (to increase characters Bag slot) to another account, but most other items that are tied to acccounts upgrades will you have to purchase on that account.

Items like Inifinite Gathering Tools can be purchased as a Gift, same for Infitie Salvage Kits. Just make sure which account have what with GW2 Efficiency or BlishHUD (both need API to access your accounts) before you make any purchase as a Gift to avoid getting double of same item on wrong account.




Every Item you can sell will also be possible to transfer to another account. Just be aware that there is a limit for how many in game mails you can send within a certain timeframe as that is to prevent spam. There is also a upper limit for Gold, but for most part it shouldn't be problem as long you don't have a very large aount of Gold to transfer each day.

Watch out for item that have "Soulbound on Equip" as you can only use preview on that kind of items, if you would want see how that item looks as it will get account bound if you equip it.

The most useful item with us that have more then one account is Teleport to Friend (GS item - permanent one) which can be combined with Consumable items as to get around the long cooldown when you use either (Perm and Consumable do not share CD).

It can help you to get to places with your character that you haven't unlocked yet from story or map exploring by using T2F.


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You can mail yourself items just fine. I never got problems with that. To be on the safe side, make sure both of your game accounts are registered on your name, your address and your phone number. If your transaction ever gets flagged by the game you can contact support and they can see that both accounts are registered on your name.

I have mailed myself gold, crafting materials, unidentified gear, weapons and even a legendary and never had an issue.
Be aware that gemstore items like infinite mining tools are account bound. So you cannot mail these or otherwise transfer these to an alt account.

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