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selectable stat resource


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As far as I know there isn't one. Yet.

The wiki could create such a tool. Unfortunately, the variety of stat-selectable gear is huge. It includes "containers" (such as armor boxes), individual reward items, vendor items, as well as dungeon rewards, some drops, and fractal-crafted|pvp-crafted gear. There's also a lot of variety into which stats are selectable, with the plurality core-stats only (and within that, some items have all the core stats, some just a few).

To be able to easily track this, the wiki would need to add a "stat selectable" designation as part of its "item info" and mark every relevant article with that. After that, there are a variety of (advanced) wiki tools that can be used to generate tables that list all such articles (even sorting by item type). I think it's even possible to manage to include the choice of stats (although I think that would also require updating the wiki to use templates for stats; the current practice is to manually list the options).

In brief:

  • Create a way to tag gear as "stat selectable" and to tag other potential sources in a similar way. (Relatively easy for gurus, after getting consensus.)
  • Ideally, create a template to produce the list of stats (so it's easier to show them in tables of results) (Relatively easy.)
  • Actually retrofit articles appropriately (laborious, very tedious, and time consuming)
  • Use advanced wiki tools to produce the list, filtered by source or item type, etc. (This is the easiest step.)

If you want to help make this happen, I can suggest some wiki gurus who can help get you started. It's a worthwhile project when it's done; it's just a lot of work for the contributors who already have plenty to do.

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