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Money is not an issue , knowledge is , ascended gear help!!!!!!


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OK, so first trinkets. You can buy them from season 3 maps. Some trinkets can be bought from fractals. If you want core stats then you can buy them for laurels (merchant also in fractal). You can craft backpack in mistic forge: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Quiver_of_a_Thousand_Arrows

You need specific crafting on 500. Either buy recepy from vendor next to crafting station or buy recepy for "mark" in fractals if you have relics.

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There's a lot of ways to obtain Ascended gear:By Drops:

  • Fractal Drops: Acended gear drops a lot in fractals, at higher level you'll regularly get armor and weapon boxes along with trinkets.
  • Tequatl and Triple Trouble Drops: Both these world bosses rarely drop ascended gear, including exclusive items.
  • PvP rewards you can get ascended gear from sPvP and WvW reward track chests.
  • Raid drops: The final chest at the end of Raid encounters will often give Ascended gear.


  • Laurels: Can buy Ascended rings, earrings necklaces and even infusions from Laurel vendors.
  • Fractals, PvP and WvW vendors: You can buy all types of gear in these vendors, but for weapon and Armor you'll require GrandMaster Marks.
  • Living story 3 and onward Map vendors: Each of the maps that came out with LS3 and 4 have ascended gear on sale.
  • PoF Heart Vendors: You can buy ascended gear on heart vendors in PoF (but are extremely expensive compared to other palces).
  • Raid Vendors: Raid vendors also sell raid-related ascended gear.

Crafting:You can craft pretty much everything except rings, earrings and necklaces. Backs are usually "crafted" through mystic forge and/or achievements/collections.You'll also need to craft grandmaster marks to buy gear from vendors (usually at a cost very approximate to the cost of crafting the whole thing).

Achievements and collections:

  • Elite Weapon collections: If you're using a elite spec, then you'll probably already have noticed that you can get an ascended version of that elite's weapon. You can even get a weapon from an elite to another (like getting the druid staff to use with an Ele).
  • Others: There's a ton of other collections and achievements that will reward with ascended weapons, armour and accessories.

So armed with that knowledge you can now adapt from the advice i'll give you next.

What you do first depends highly on the stat combinations that you'll want to use, but your first objective should always be trinkets and backs, followed by weapons, and finally armour:

So for rings, earrings and necklaces if it's core stats (Berzerker mainly) you can use laurels, or play T1 Fractals until the drop or you accumulate enough Pristine Fractal Relics and straight up buy them. (you can also buy stat-selectable stuff there but it costs way more, so it's not advised).If it's HoT stats (Viper, Minstrels, Magi is also on this list, sadly) you can get them form Map vendors from LS3. If you don't have LS3, i'd spend some of that infinite gold buying gems to get it, otherwise stick to Fractals and wait till you can buy the stat-selectable stuff there.If it's PoF stuff, well, Heart Vendors and achievements. But honestly, i'd advise for your first set to stick to Magi/Minstrel's instead of Harrier, and to Viper instead of Grieving.

For backs, LS3 provides (i'd advise the Bitterfrost frontier vendor).

For Weapons either work on achievements/collections that give you weapons, or follow the advice for armour.

For Armour, start working on your crafting, get the right crafting profession to 500 and make the time-gated materials.Then, depending on your play style, buy it from Fractals, PvP or WvW vendors, or craft it altogether.

Finally remember that with a Insignia/Inscription, an Anthology of Heroes and a handful of ectos you can change stats on weapons and armor. So if you get armor and weapon boxes of different stats than you want, your right stat is a Mystic forge use away (don't use that on precursors though).

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Crafting the easiest way to get ascended armor+weapons, and fastest by far if you don't mind the cost of buying all the mats straight up from TP instead of slowly stockpiling them yourself or slowly saving up gold for months. Easiest way to get the non craftable ascended jewelry is probably from living world season 3 maps. Laurels and guild commendations are an alternative to get some jewelry but imo lws3 is easiest/fastest.

Pick the crafting discipline that makes the armor you want, and another one that makes the weapon.Level the disciplines to max, then buy the recipes from appropriate vendor and craft. There are 3 important materials you can't buy thou. The ones that craft into vision crystals. But you can easily get those 3 from harvesting special nodes on Living world season 3 maps, which you will need to spend time on anyways to get ascended jewelry. You can probably google and/or use the wiki for more details.

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i just started with a friends help already I have two ascended axes and now i am working on my boots.first use this link to get your crafting up. buy the stuff then craft away.. once at 400. go to the 400-500 page and get the right craft.

http://gw2crafts.net/armorcraft_fast.htmlonce you are at 500 crafting skill use


type in zojja . then happy crafting.

ps. one thing iv learned.. save any exotices you make. you will need them for dark matter.

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Easiest way since you got lots of money you can skip time gates stuff and just buy the materials directly things like deldrimor steel spirit wood elonian leather and damask from the trading post to make the armor quicker I would suggest that you bring up your crafting professions to 400 using an online guide then use another guide for 400 to 500. do this to all armor and weapon crafting this way you can make any armor or weapon you want if you just want one type of armor go for that but weapons you will need them all since professions use all types. If you have money for them then that would be the fastest way, but still requires work. The second fastest way would be luck of drops lol

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Update.For those in my situation were you have all the money to spend but not the time sink

You can you these website too see what you can buyhttps://gw2efficiency.com/crafting/calculator

And what needs to be a slight time investmentVision Crystals will be that time investment

For those with GW2 know how, do you recommend buying fractual runs to be the most effecient?

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