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LOL in the new patch notes for 20170922


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Scourge—Scourges channel their life force into the desert sands to summon biddable kitten that damage enemies and create barriers for their allies. They use punishment skills to torment enemies while wielding torches that light the path to their destruction."

Your patch notes appear to have a bad word in them.

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Where is my "biddable kitten"?!It seems to be a trend with the Necromancer; there are a few bad words in the "Scourge Specialization Updates for the Path of Fire Launch" (https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/2703/scourge-specialization-updates-for-the-path-of-fire-launch)

"• There is an effective 12 target cap if you and your three kitten are all active, but it is deliberately not sustainable so you can have a period of increased power at the cost of lessened effectiveness later on.We expect this change will reward more skilled use of kitten while remaining effective area control in the vastness of Elona and beyond."

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