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Guild Wars 2 needs more tutorials

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Guild Wars 2 need tutorials or an in game manual that introduces players to the basic mechanics of the game.The Guild Wars 2 wiki is great and many players use it regularly, but it seems foolish to expect all new or existing players to spend hours reading wiki pages to learn how to play.

There are so many things the game just takes for granted. It assumes that players entering the game will know how it works, without ever taking the time to explain.Of course, if tutorials are to work properly they must be optional and easily accessible.

Most people on this forum won't take the time to read a massive block of text ( and I don't want to write one), so instead I just included a list of things I believe needs a better in game introduction.

  • Events
    • Meta events
    • World bosses
  • Guilds
    • What are guilds?
    • How do they work?
    • How do you find/join a guild?
    • What services does a guild provide?
  • Specializations
    • Elite specializations
  • Masteries
    • How are they acquired?
    • How are they used?
  • Crafting
  • Control skills
    • What are control skills?
    • What do they do?
    • Break bars: How do they work?
  • Commanders and squads
    • What are commanders and what can they do?
    • What is a squad and how does it work?
  • (Mega)servers
    • Personal Story Instances
    • World map instances
  • The Chat
    • Which channels exist and what do they do?
  • Looking For Group
    • Where is it?
    • How does it work?
  • Game modes
    • PVE
    • PVP
    • WVW
  • Boons and conditions
  • Black Lion Trading Post

Please post your own suggestions for things not on the list and whether or not you think the points listed need a tutorial.

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@infrequentia.3465 said:most of those do have a tutorial in game.

except for the CC and break bars.

the rest is included in new player experience. just read what the screen tells you when it pop ups.

if people won't read those what makes you think another tutorial is gonna do

It's all in the execution. If you don't notice that its there it might as well not be. Most of the things in the list are what I've seen others struggle with or ask for in chat. My guild has also lost a few new members who left for their friends guild because they didn't even know they could be a member of multiple guilds.

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Perhaps, some Guilds could have a new member 'get-acquainted-with-the-game-mechanics' night/day once a week/month.As noted above, many features are already explained in the level-up tutorial 'hints' or the Guild window/other windows. If players are unwilling to read Wiki pages, or the explanations already available in-game, I'm not sure what other/more tutorials will do, especially if it involves text (not sure how it could be accomplished otherwise for many features listed above).

Good luck.

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@Ardid.7203 said:

@Tzarakiel.7490 said:Most people on this forum won't take the time to read a massive block of text

Most people in general don't like to read a massive block of text. So too many tutorials will only mean people will disgard them much easier and quicker.

Tutorials should be active gameplay demonstrations, not text walls.

It is not the wall of text that people dislike, but the effort in reading it. No matter the packing, the more there are the less are noticed.

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