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Are any servers active 6 PM PST and onward during the week, with decent weekend coverage?


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I'm on SBI, and I really enjoy my guild, but the coverage SBI has as a server during the times I actually play is really poor, so I'm looking to make a switch. I play mostly NA evenings and then all throughout the day on the weekends. SBI seems to only be active in a 2 hour window on most days and then the rest of the time is spent running around with 20 people on any given map getting rolled by 50-60 of whatever servers we're facing.

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From my experience most servers have the playerbase to accumulate a good number of players at 6PM PST.Like, as in, that's probably the most stable timezone in the game for NA servers.

I would suggest Blackgate, Maguuma and Yaks Bend, but they're all full atm. Link servers are an option, though I'm not sure how much you want to throw gems at something that'll change in just over a month's time. Fort Aspenwood's currently an option, though if you're looking for bigger more consistent groups it's probably not going to be that much of an improvement that its worth the gem investment -- especially with the new alliance system on the horizon.

Honestly, unless you desperately need a change of scenery you should probably work with what you've got. The servers I didn't mention have on the whole equal to or worse coverage than SBI, and the link servers are band-aid solutions.

~ Kovu

edit- Oh hey, SoS is 'very high' atm. I didn't notice that. And also I'm not sure how that happened. They've got better coverage than all of the aforementioned servers, save for Blackgate. Could jump ship to there, if you really want to fight Blackgate every week.

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