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Seat of Power - just rumors??


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Just like many of you, I have been thrilled by the the arrival of the long-overdue Seat of Power update. I can't even recall where all the hours went in the last few days just frolicking about the city zones, happy and content, discovering yet another amazing seating experience. And then it happened...while sharing some of my new-found discoveries (so many shapes and sizes to accommodate all classes of rears and rumps) with my guildmates, one of the senior members confided that this was only. just. the beginning.

This particular guildmate (who shall remain unnamed for his protection) went on to tell us how a certain family member that works for a certain game developer in a certain upscale suburb of Seattle has leaked that not only will the SE (Seating Experience) be an integral part of the next expansion, but we can expect a variety of SE's that are unimaginable. When i alluded to such luxury items as sofas, hammocks and chaise lounges, my hopes were quickly confirmed by my beloved guildmate who responded with, "Of course, and now try to imagine a fully functional recliner." I was left speechless. Not in my wildest dreams could I foresee such a revolution in the gaming experience.

I want to apologize right now if I ruined the surprise for some of you, but for me knowing this has not diminished the surprise at all, but instead, fills me with anticipation for what's to come, and a commitment to a great gaming developer who always strives to create meaningful and long-lasting experiences for us.

Sincerely,Pail Floor

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not only will the SE (Seating Experience) be an integral part of the next expansion, but we can expect a variety of SE's that are unimaginable

Unimaginable eh? Ok. I take that challenge and raise you with.......

New MountFits in the next expansion confirmed! Rideable, flyable and gliding couches, sofas and loveseats.

Gallop across the landscape on your very own upholstered Couch! Fly across the skies with a friend on your naughehyde Loveseat! Spring high using your ‘lever action’ wooden Rocking Chair! You will fear no water dweller as you glide over the waves on your plaid cloth Lazy Boy! Use your new mount combat moves in WvW and sPvP!

(Some restrictions may apply. Additional MountFits may be purchased in the gemstore for 2k gems each)

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