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Tempest update suggestions


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This is an attempt to upgrade tempest for the current meta, increase their support role efficiency while avoiding any overlaps with dps weaver role:

1) Tempestuous Aria : "Shouts grant 5s weakness and 3s slow" - there is already enough might flying around and buffs given by shout when treated for aura support, why not add instead some debilitating conditions while taking the chance to give ele an addition condition?

2) Harmonious conduit: "Grants 10s of swiftness when using overloads ; receive Harmonious Conduit when ending overloads which increase outgoing heal to allies by 10% for 4s" - Why should it be possible to stop ele from using the main mechanic of the elite, it's like giving the players the ability to stop engis from going holomod or preventing druid from entering celestial avatar. About harmonious conduit end effect change, tempest supposed to be our support option, it makes more sense to increase outgoing healing rather than dmg as we already have weaver for that role

3) Speedy Conduit renamed to Stable Conduit : "Grants 2 stack of stability for 5s when using overloads" - There is already a 20s wait for using overload, why punish the player further for using the main mechanic of the elite?


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They might as well delete tempest and move Elemental Bastion (heal on auras) in water since it's the main reason why you would play tempest anyways.

Wielding an off-hand warhorn and utilizing shouts, tempests blast out elemental power to support allies at close range and deal constant damage to enemies. Tempests will be able to overload their attunements at the penalty of recharge in order to deliver high-pressure sustained damage, control, and healing to nearby areas.— Tempest release notes

The only true part here is healing, but even then, it's not because of water overload.

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I like your ideals though i would like to see more group support from shouts and overloads as well as WH.

What i think maybe the best thing to fix support on tempest and realty ele over all is buff combos support. Blasting waters and fire fields are just to weak compard to what fire brans and scorge can do as support to the point blasting fields are more likely to slow your group down.

I would like to see tempest get stronger blast effect when they are wielding a WH. You can add this to the GM trait of WH.

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What do you folks think about just a big quality of life change by moving Overload to an F5. A 20 sec cd (still lowered by Arcane traits), overloads are the same but have a singular shared cooldown, no longer impacts cooldown of attunements, still requires a wind up and a channel.

Seems pretty high in the sky, but I thought I'd throw it out there and ask the experts.

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Move stab onto hardy conduitHarmonious conduit increasing healing by 10% after overloadNerf firebrand down to a position where it is not the de facto choice for support for everything

The main problem with tempest is still that FB is the unequivocal best support spec matching tempest for heals while bringing AoE stab, Aegis and condition cleanse. A tempest has to choose between high healing/sustain and high cleansing, firebrand should have to too.

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