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Khorne/Norsca berserker


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Every time I make a character I have something particular in my mind when it comes to the way it will look.I made a male norn warrior (duh) which is currently leveling and my aim is to make him look like a Khorne berserker/Chaos warrior from Warhammer Fantasy or the armored version of the barb from DIablo 3.

For example like this: http://warhammerfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Norsca?file=Chaos_Warrior.jpgOr like this: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/20266267045727807/visual-search/?x=16&y=0&w=548&h=484.6875

Can someone provide screens with their versions of such character and the gear they use? Prefer something besides the norn cultural armor which is very common or some nice mix and match between fitting pieces. Don't be shy, show your cool fashion?

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@Red Haired Savage.5430 said:

@"RedShark.9548" said:my sylvari

You're missing your underwater mouth breather and another under water weapon.

dont care about underwater rly, spear is just for mobility to get out of it as quickly as possible

@EpicName.4523 said:RedShark.9548 can you share the name of the red helmet on the second pic?

the one with the horns? its tier2 triumphant helmet from wvw

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@"Cifrer.6013" said:qmPZynr.jpg

Barbaric helm, coat, legs, houndskin mantle, foefire wraps, militia boots. Colors used are a combination of Glossy Black, Shadow Red, Midnight Olive, and Oil Slick.

It's more of a Chaos Marauder look.

Personally I’ve always found the Marauders to be the far cooler units - especially when you throw mutations into the mix.

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