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leaked (useless?) engi buff

Stand The Wall.6987

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Bahaha. That would NEVER fly. Can you even imagine PvP?

Holo Shockwave, PBR, PBR, PBR, Launch PBR. Overcharged Shot. Prime Light Beam.. maybe Thumper turret for good measure.

There would be so much salt the servers would corrode.

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@EUmad.7645 said:

@"Stand The Wall.6987" said:personal battering ram gets an aoe 3 charge 10 sec cd

Still not enough to be used in PvP or WvW. Let's just hope they buff some of the kits, like Grenade Kit, Elixir Gun and Tool Kit.

Toolkit need a strong buff to make condi engi with pp viable again

Not only that, but it needs a full rework. I mentioned in my list of improvements for core engineer that the best way to buff core engineer without indirectly buffing Scrapper and Holosmith is with the kits. In the Tool Kit section, I mentioned that the auto attack should have its' cast time reduced to 0.5, 0.5, 0.5 similar to the Scrappers' hammer and have it apply confusion instead of cripple. It's the closest thing to a melee weapon the core engineer gets, so why not buff it this way?

Box of Nails should have its' cast time reduced to 0.25 seconds as it's meant to be a defensive skill used for crippling enemies and to safely let you escape. The other problem is that the cripples it applies at the start is very low, only 2 seconds so I think it would make it better if it got increased to 5 seconds at the start. The damage is pitiful, but the cripple is what makes it great for you to escape.

Tool Kit, like many other kits need to be buffed not just for condi engineer, but for engineer in general. I've never seen any engineer using the Tool Kit. Only Scrapper with the Elixir Gun. The kits is what defines core engineer, it's what core engineer needs the most. Elixirs are no longer useful for cleansing conditions, Gadgets are mediocre if you're power engineer (aside from Rocket Boots, those can be useful) and turrets have low health for bunker engineer.

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I would use PBR more often if this were true. I run a build with a bit of success using s Static Discharge Holo up to low platinum and in WvW (not meta style, but full glass / Explosives / gadgets). If PBR were a cleave attack it would actually be useful in these game modes. Until then, you might as well take Throw Mine.

I would swap PBR for Rifle Turret in a heartbeat if this were true.

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