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  1. I casted a MaT ten days ago, see it for yourself. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/503056018 1:37:52 That's not the October Monthly. The October Monthly hasn't happened yet. Pretty sure that one there is the August one. https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/91663/october-monthly-tournament-on-11-16#latestArguing about what month the MaT corresponds to is nothing but a poor attempt at not answering the original line of thought. Unless there was a major balance shift that will somehow make "holosmith dominance" a thing for next MaT. Spoiler alert: it won't.
  2. I casted a MaT ten days ago, see it for yourself. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/503056018 1:37:52 Can't wait to see a response. Gonna be tough making a case against a video
  3. Lemme start by saying this was one of the most expected QoL additions to the game for me and I envisioned at the very least similar functionality to previous admittedly third party solutions. That isn't the case, there are several grievances with current implementation of build "templates" and I'll list them here: They aren't really templates, any modifications you apply to your current loadout alter the loadout itself, it doesn't save it as a real template, so to speak.Their monetization is too aggressive. I expected them to cost gems but their current prices make them equally worth to a couple years of MMO subscription (see FF and perhaps WoW) assuming I go for them on every class.Their release is currently plagued with bugs, it's particularly obvious on revenant and its utility skills, they get their order changed constantly. There are more egregious one like funky interaction with infusions but those are in some instances borderline exploits. It can actually eat infusions.The base number of gear templates is too low for people that PvX. It's a non issue for people running fewer builds but here I'm talking from my side of the road.There are probably more things to point out but overall I feel like this release isn't the kind of QoL release we normally get from the company, expected more, could say I personally hold you in a higher regard.
  4. That's the general consensus. It's too tight and the DPS gains are minimal, still plenty more classes with simpler mechanics out there. The hotfix buff we got did basically nothing in the grand scheme of things, Laser's Edge is such a big mod and it's so incredibly binary, the toolbelt change really messed things up too. Here's to hoping they go for a second take on Holosmith.
  5. It's gonna be great, the trailer is extremely well made.
  6. I thought the exact same thing. Gotta wonder what other people play and how meme it can be.
  7. They didn't fix Holo raid DPS, it's still overshadowed by the meta picks and the new ECSU build is very gimmicky, you have to preheat before the boss but pulling the boss is not on you most of the time as a non-tank. Kit lockout is still there and it's still horrible to have with PBM.
  8. I think they buffed the wrong things, kit lockout with PBM shouldn't exist and ECSU builds need to preheat to have any semblance of burst and that's pretty gimmicky. Sword skills have this disgusting aftercast too. Holo is in a better spot damage wise but not sure they were the right buffs.
  9. Team comps for every boss were updated too and Holo was completely erased from all of them. It's official boys, Holo is worse than prepatch in every regard.
  10. I'm okay with Holo getting a stat penalty if it also gets more damage in return. As it stands it's completely underwhelming compared to almost every other class.
  11. Reason why I don't think this is simply oversight is because this is just too huge of a change. It's clear they wanted a downside that actually mattered and this really does matter a lot. Letting PBM go free would make just about every Holo run PBM, if you weren't running it already. But the change to overheating was intended to punish PvP players. So either they're lying, incompetent, or both. Was the meta ECSU? Even then, they probably didn't want it to end up as "Everyone migrates to PBM to get around this pretty big change" and kept it across the board. The PvP meta has always been Thermal Release Valve. ECSU has never had a place in either game mode except in niche builds.Now it's probably the more consistent PvE choice but still abysmally bad compared to basically every other class.
  12. That's the biggest bummer, they may not even address it next balance patch
  13. Not sure about scrapper since its theme was never my cup of tea and I haven't played scrapper in months but Holo changes were incredibly bad, I was thinking they missed half the patch and we were getting some other things to make the whole implementation make sense but that's not the case.
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