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Need some Revenant help (solo PVE)

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So...coming back to the game after ~4 years, figured I would try something completely new. Level boosted an 80 rev, going through HoT content.

Im running with a lot of the starter gear (exotic soldier gear, Ive replaced some weapon upgrades with power/prec/feroc). Running S/A and S/S. Im finding S/A is better, but please correct me if I am wrong. Using Jalis and Shiro.

My rotation is (generally):Shiro: Impossible odds + frigid blitz to the target(s).Switch to Jalis. Vengeful hammers, Unrelenting Assault, Precision strike.Try to weave in Inspiring Re enforcement because stability seems to be crucial in HoT, annoyingly lol. Also try to weave in temporal rift, but man they need to buff the width/radius of that thing. It often hits nothing or sometimes doesnt even fire off (dont see the animation or graphic).

Mobs die, but I feel they should be dying faster. I feel as if I am putting in a lot of work to kill something, when other classes might have it much easier. 4 years ago I was a P/P Thief and G/S + S/A Mesmer. Things died rather easily and I didnt have to put forth much effort.

Any suggestions to make leveling with Rev easier? Currently, just focused on open world PVE leveling. Not doing fractals, raids, pvp, or WvW at the moment. Just want to run through the content at a decent pace. I just feel a bit underpowered even for open world public events. Aoe seems weak and I literally feel like Im hitting absolutely nothing (sounds aren't even there sometimes, not visceral like other classes).

I also started dumping HP into herald, since it seems it would fit my stat choices thus far (power/prec, etc). Not using it yet because Im only halfway through the spec.


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I used this build for my revenant.In Jalis, I only use Vengeful Hammers. You get a 7% dmg increase if you have 1 active upkeep skill. There's no need to deplete your energy faster with another one. Better to use sword 2/4 than a second utility skill imo.In Glint (that I recommend you, as soon as you get some HP) I activate the facet for the swiftness, regeneration and fury (you get an attack bonus in fury, so it must be always on). Might is optional, since you already get 5 stacks everytime you apply fury to yourself. But in case you need more, you can activate it.

I liked it, especially in group. Although I find very annoying that I must choose between a decent ranged weapon (that I always want to have, just in case) and basically the only reliable CC with low cooldown. So unfortunately I have to open my inventory depending on what I'm planning to do (tag mobs in group events or killing champions).

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It sounds like you're doing it right imo. Maybe don't go to HoT, which is the toughest content. Anyplace else you'll find things die faster. I've never noticed my rev being slow to kill and I do much as you do, armed the same etc. Maybe your gear needs upgrading.

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