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Lorekeeper/Historian Title

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Right so I don't think I am the only one that has this craving to horde every book I find so this forum post is in hopes of finding others that are like me and crave a Lorekeeper/Historian title to go along with there characters (and yes while it occurred to me to put it in the name, alas you cant have a character called Historian/Lorekeeper Emily Ashclaw because character name caps \o/

tangent aside I hope to use this as a sort of petition if you will for a title for book hoarders like myself

A NerdyDapper Shark

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Rewarding a title for "collecting every book" has the downside of only being applicable to every book released to the point where the title is introduced, as it wouldn't be good practice to raise the bar higher for future players with every book released afterwards.

They could however instead do something similar to the Fashion Collector title and award the title for a certain (non-changing) number of books that you have included into your (yet to be developed ;) ) library tab of the wardrobe, or whatever they come up with. They could even add another title later on when more books have been released that will be awarded for a greater number of books collected.

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