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Clarion Bond bugged?


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Call of the Wild makes your PET unblockable.

However, the effect of being merged with your pet as Soulbeast makes it so that your attacks become unblockable when you get Call of the Wild from using warhorn 5.

Only whilst merged though.

Lesser Call of the Wild can never occur when merged with your pet - as its a pet swap proc - and as such will never make your attacks unblockable.

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  • 2 years later...

Sandzibar is right, For core and druid it only is for the pet.I will just clarify the soulbeast part with examples.

For soulbeast (wiki) :Traits that activate when swapping pets will instead activate when entering or exiting Beastmode.-> So it just depends on the internal cd and your current status (merged or not) when you press F4.

For example :

  1. If you are not merged and combat starts. Just merge (F4) and your 2 first attacks are unblockable.
  2. On the other hand if combat starts and you were merged. When you unmerge (F4) your pet gets 2 unblockable.

The 15cd icd is close to the 10s of beastmode cd but not exactly the same. So if it triggered in situation n°2 and you want to have it for your attacks, you need to wait a few additional seconds before merging.

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If you are in combat, merging with your pet will give you unblockable due to clarion bond (if the cd is available)

Any other time, nothing gets unblockable while playing soulbeast.

When unmerging if it pops, pet does not get unblockable.

Merging before combat, calrion bond won't trigger (you're not in combat) - no unblockable

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@Sandzibar.5134 said:In my defence.. my post was from 2 years ago.. before the mechanic change for soulbeast where merging now actually triggers any pet swap procs - due to the loss of the 2nd pet.:P

I did not notice :open_mouth: . This thread had almost no views and no answers so I assumed it was new.

It would have made sense since the merge mech is quite confusing and the game never explicitly explains all the traits / utilities variations between regular and merge.

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@aymnad.9023 said:

@Eurantien.4632 said:When unmerging if it pops, pet does not get unblockable.It does if the trait is not on cd. Look at my example n°2. I even checked in PvE. It works exactly as it should. So if it does not in PvP this is a bug.Or maybe you are talking about something else?

I'm 98% confident that even if Clarion Bond is off CD and ready to use that if you are in combat and unmerge, your pet WILL NOT get the buffs.

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