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Pact Sniper Rifle Location?

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I am collecting the Trophies for "The Predator 1: The Experimental Rifle" and am looking for some help with the location of the Pact Sniper Rifle. I have looked on the Wiki and seen it only shows up during two events by Dry Step Mesas. but i cant find it and have looked every time the events have come up. Any advice you could give on where it is found would be great.


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Here's what the Wiki says about it:

" Collected from a barrel of Pale Reaver Rifles from the Dry Step Mesas of Verdant Brink near the Torching Tendrils Adventure.

Only available during events 'Destroy the Mordrem breachers to cut off enemy reinforcements (80)' and 'Plant explosives from the crashed choppers on the colossal vine's weak points (80).'

The barrel spawns directly to the right of the "Dry Step Mesas" text on the map. It is on a cliff underneath a giant vine arch. The barrel will have a large blue AOE indicator around it. "

So, just hang around the area when the meta is starting up. When it's reached the point of one of those two events, try to find that spot on the map and keep an eye out for the barrel. I remember it being fairly well marked.

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I have not done the collection, but I believe that's the very early (first?) event of the series. You go up on the top of the plateau where the "base" is by the helicopter.

The second event is on the escort down a canyon as you wait for the slyvari to plant explosives. There are tons of barrels there up the stairs.

Edit: You can also ask other players near you. Almost everyone picks up rifles because they usually instantly kill enemies they hit.

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