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Rev Improvements


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Let's talk about the Revenant's role and the lack of synergy that still remains in some skills and traits. Other professions do what a Rev can do and do it easily and better. No need to choose a Rev when you can choose a Warrior. A Warrior has high sustain, high mobility, high passive heals, and high damage without the complications and risks the Rev endures. There needs to be a niche that makes the Revenant special. That makes sense to me. If not, everyone can just pick one profession cause it can do it all like the Mesmer which is overpowered. There are posts about why so I won't discuss that here but I will drop hints.

I will discuss mechanics that don't have counters or have limited counters. Invulnerability has 0 counter. Evades have 0 counter. Damage zeroed has 1 counter but limited. Stealth has 1 counter but limited. Mobility has 0 counter (Rev requires energy and a target which is an inherent counter). There is no fear if you have those. It is a get out of jail free card. You are untouchable. A counter needs plenty of availability. Lets use physical damage as example. Armor counters it. Protection counters it and there is plenty of that to use. Blind counters it, etc.

Offense must trump defense or else there is no progression.

Here is what I propose just by using Shiro as an example since rev is the suckiest profession and needs serious help but so fun to play:

Traits Major AdeptVicious Lacerations moves to row 1. Removes the sword requirement. This way you can use it with a bow, staff, trident, greatsword :) etc.Jade Echo moves to row 2. This trait is only good if I'm dead; needs to also be useful while I'm alive. Adds benefit: This skill now allows your stomps to be affected by quickness. While you have quickness, critical hit inflicts Jade Winds (60 sec recharge) at your targets location.Vindictive Blades replaces Ferocious Strikes and moves to row 3. Skill changes to: While wielding two swords, evade attacks (3/4 sec) (cooldown 10 sec) and siphon life from the attacker(s). Gain 5 energy when evading attacks. This is a static evade meaning the Rev does not move to perform the evade. This also synergizes with all your evades to get a little extra energy.

Traits Major MasterAssassin's Presence moves to row 1. Changes to: Increase your ferocity by 300 but other nearby allies increases by 150.Nefarious Momentum stays in row 2. Changes to: While you have quickness, your critical strikes remove Protection (cooldown 1 sec). This removal effect can only occur once per interval on each target.Malicious Reprisal moves to row 3. Changes to: When your attack is negated (evaded, blocked, blinded, invulnerability, etc), your next 3 attacks will be unstoppable (can't be negated) and siphon life (cooldown 20 sec). This synergizes better with Phase Traversal since together you get 5 unstoppables which Unrelenting Assault hits 5 times.

Traits Major GrandmasterSwift Termination stays in row 1. No change.Brutality stays in row 2. No change.Assassin's Annihilation stays in row 3. Removes the behind and side restriction.

SwordUnrelenting Assault. Increased shadowstep range to 600. I am tempted to make this single target to maximize damage...

Legendary Assassin StanceEnchanted Daggers. Removed cast time. Can now be used midair. Adds 3 vulnerability for 10 seconds on each hit. Increased damage and healing by 10%.Phase Traversal. Unblockable now becomes unstoppable.Impossible Odds. Removed initial casting cost. Follow-up strikes now siphon life.Jade Winds. Also inflicts reveal (3 sec).

Row 1 is more for pve and damage. Row 2 is more for wvw and hinderance. Row 3 is more for pvp and sustain. Each row can be used anywhere of course but you see how I structured it. Created synergy amongst the traits. Gave some much needed sustain to Shiro plus a chance to get extra energy. Energy management sucks in its current state. Maybe make each legend a counter to other parallels like Mallyx can counter condition builds. Vintari can counter healing by having foes take damage when they heal. Jalis can counter bunkers by reducing foe's armor in half. Maybe you need to introduce hexes in the game and give them to Rev. A nemesis profession. Just some ideas.

I don't have a problem with limited skills as long as those skills provide the right output. That didn't happen. These are much needed changes. I used Rev since it was introduced. I understand why you added energy plus cooldown. I get it. Can't spam the skills. Problem is you didn't give enough energy return to use the skills as a functioning profession plus some traits are subpar. Fun to play but damn it needs help. Thank you for reading.

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First, I'm assuming most of these changes are for PvP/WvW. I don't think Revenant needs most of these changes, honestly. Power Herald's major issue isn't its damage output, but its ability to deal with condition spam/corrupts from Mirage/Scourge. Mirage effectively does Revenant's role x10, which is the thing that's really holding Revenant back. Since you've been playing Rev since it launched, you know that Rev was obviously completely overtuned (launch phase traversal anyone?) and a complete monster in the right hands up until PoF was released. It's important that changes take this into consideration when attempting to balance Power Rev. Good Revenants are still really good...it's just the class is overshadowed by other professions at the moment that are not in balance at all. Also most Revenant players aren't top tier players, so they're not using the class to its full potential. There is a HUGE difference between an average Rev and a top tier Rev, unlike a lot of easier to use classes.

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