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  1. The only thing Herald brings over Renegade in Open World is Infuse Light (and shield I guess if you need it). Otherwise Renegade has the same level of survivability and more damage while taking the same gear. This is pretty clear from my post. Renegade also has a far better tagging weapon than Herald (Shortbow) for Open World and tends to be the superior Open World spec because of this. Also Ren is currently better than Herald in PvP. Herald outperforms it in WvW zergs ofc.
  2. Yes, you lose damage for cRen if you don't take Nightmare, but you're still doing far more dps than cHerald even if you decide to take Torment runes instead. cHerald isn't magically higher dps than cRen if both are running Torment runes. Since you're discussing Open World, a cRen with Torment Runes is going to outperform a cHerald with Torment Runes 100% of the time. You can easily test this on golem if you don't believe me. This is 100% a myth in PvE. The power damage contribution from Shortbow is fairly irrelevant overall for cRen. Look at an Arcdps log that breaks down how
  3. Wilderness Survival is Defense AND condi damage. Corruption in Rev is Condi AND Defense. These lines are very comparable to one another, the only major difference is in the focus of their minors. Guardian's Valor is defensive, yes, but Dragonhunter (a generally offensive line) has one of the best cleanse traits for Guard as an option as I mentioned. Guard also has huge access to Resolution now in addition to its possible massive amount of cleanse. In my original post I also ignored the fact that Necromancer has access to cleanses and transfers in BOTH Spite and Curses (damage lines) in ad
  4. I never said more condi removal belongs in Invocation or Corruption. If you're arguing against that in general, that's fine, but if you're specifically arguing against me stating that (since you quoted me) you will not find any posts of me having given a suggestion to buff Invo or Corruption with more cleanse. My personal opinion which I haven't given previously is like that of MithranArkanere's above. Rev should have been designed with a 4th utility per legend from the get go, which could provide a place to provide more condi cleanse at the expense of something else. My main argument
  5. Thank you for actually providing the link; I wasn't aware it had been used in Sloth or recently in Deimos (let's be real, Escort doesn't really count). Still, I'll echo ArthurDent's previous comments in that "Herald is still a poor man's druid in almost all situations." I'll also add that GENERALLY "it's a poor man's renegade or a poor man's dps" as well. I wasn't saying "those classes provide exactly what Herald provides." That was never my argument. What I am saying is that in terms of damage and viability, DD/DE/Tempest are far more viable generally (I really don't
  6. It's been used only in the Samarog record. If it's been used in others (which it hasn't) please provide links and evidence. A class being meta on one fight between both Fractals and Raids isn't a good metric of how well a class is doing. Also I'm with you on Spellbreaker, Reaper, and somewhat Scrapper (no one is saying every class besides Herald is doing great, a few others have issues that should be addressed too), but DD, DE, and Tempest all have extremely viable off-meta builds that are far better than Herald in terms of DPS (or both dps and support in the case of Tempest). DD and DE
  7. I’m aware of these but they’re not entirely relevant to the overall conversation. Refer back to my large post on the previous page.
  8. And S/D thief for example gets to play with 5 utilities that clear condis in addition to traits and weapon skills. I mention this because it’s comparable to Power Rev for roaming and performs better. I can play the “cherry pick a class’s meta build that typically takes more or less cleanse” too. You’re still missing the overall point which is clear in my first post if you want to reread it. Only degenerate in your opinion. And Let’s be real you meant me no love with that comment. If you’re going to insult someone (which you’ve done over the course of many posts over several months in
  9. Your “meme anti-Condi build that’s bad at everything” assertion is a huge unfounded assumption. Every class besides rev can comfortably slot 2-3 heals/utilities that deal with condis in addition to their other traits, skills etc. and still have an extremely effective meta build. Some meta builds even slot 5 cleanse utilities + traits naturally and are still extremely effective. You don’t even need to slot 5 extra skills, plus traits, sigils, weapons in order to have more cleanse than rev, but it’s still an option for every class besides rev. That’s literally the point. Ignori
  10. So, all of your nitpicks are completely irrelevant because it completely misses the point of the entire post. The point is every class besides Rev can run 4 (or 5) heal/utility/elite skills that clear condi, PLUS traits, PLUS weapon skills, PLUS Profession Skills (sometimes), PLUS double sigil of cleansing (yes, every class can get as much cleanse from Cleansing, you just have to run double...). This leads to every class having higher and better cleanse than Rev. Nitpicking one or two individual traits/skills mentioned is irrelevant since they're used/can be used in conjunction with a whole
  11. These nerfs are absolutely aimed at Devastation Condi Ren, but that is possible that they're aimed at the new spec. However, if that's the case then they should just tone down the new spec a bit instead of nerfing Core, Herald, and Ren as well. It's just bad decisions regardless
  12. MORE misguided power rev nerfs aimed at nerfing condi rev. There was NO NEED for "% All Damage" in Devastation in the first place and now they're continually nerfing Devastation because of it.... Very poor and not well thought out balance decisions
  13. Dude, Rev has very limited build diversity. This isn't some rocket science that only you have figured out. It's completely obvious what you take or don't take for condition management. I'm not going to go create several links on Build Editor and link them here since we all know exactly what I would be linking. Let's analyze the false claim though, the claim that Rev has good cleanse: You've stated it yourself in your above the post, summarized here: 6 clears for condi ren on 10s CD (Legend Swap) + 5/30 4 clears for Power rev on 10s CD + staff except that ignores that: 3 of those
  14. Anet has been explicit in the fact that they don't want as much instacast damage in the game. Hammers has been around since before they decided to lay off the insta casts and it also does fairly negligible damage. And oh no you got CC'd while using a damaging ability? I don't see the problem here that's literally how CC and damage abilities are supposed to work. I never have an issue using EtD in any size of fight. I can't even think of a time when I got CC'd during it and I don't even run Jalis for stab
  15. You can keep peddling this argument but it’s 100% false
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