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  1. If they give it CC they’re going to take ALL of its damage in WvW/PvP. Their design philosophy now for 2 years is CC = no damage. This is not what the skill needs. Big nope from me fam
  2. The lack of Aegis and the higher complexity to put out good heals makes it worse than HB in practice. HB is great because it’s flexible and can provide everything besides Alacrity from the Rev, albeit in smaller quantities when it comes to some things (CC, projectile block). Heal Ren on the other hand is decent and can solo heal T4s for sure, but is in less demand simply because it’s harder to pull off and the lack of Aegis means people are more likely to down even though the raw heals from Ren are stronger (also FB heals aren’t weak either, so Aegis + good heals is a powerful combo).
  3. Since we’re whipping our kittens out (you started that, not me) I have 10,000+ hours on Revenant alone not including other classes, 3000+ raid kills, do T4+ CM fractals frequently. I have been playing Rev since HoT beta, including all heal variants of it. I frequently run Heal Alac in raids and fractals (and do solo heal T4s/CMs on occasion) even before Renegade, but honestly I would never run it as Herald or Core anymore simply because Ren offers way more than Herald or Core does and has a far easier time providing alacrity, which is one of the main jobs of the entire spec. I’m
  4. Sorry, should have specified: maintaining 5 man Alac easily. Neither chrono, renegade, or any of the new specs have to go through the hurdles you just mentioned, plus having to dedicate your entire energy bar in Ventari to alacrity maintenance instead of potentially other things that matter. I also don’t think what you’ve described is practical outside of Fractals Mistlock Reset and the radius on it makes it inferior to Ren regardless. The truth is there was no reason for them to have nerfed the duration as it didn’t directly compete with renegade’s alacrity anyway (and they DID ne
  5. They even nerfed core Ventari 5 man alacrity as well when they released Renegade with 10man Alac. Talk about misguided and overly cautious. Literally no one was using Natural Harmony extensively for that and yet they decided to nerf it. Had they not nerfed it it theoretically would have been possible to run Core or Herald as a healer doing 5man Alac for fractals and raids (raids with a chrono or other 5 man Alac in the other sub). With the advent of new incoming 5man Alac options I’d argue they should restore the duration of Ventari’s alacrity to give rev more options as support across the b
  6. Personally I’ve never been okay with this once I realized it. It wasn’t necessarily extremely obvious at first though because Rev released with both Core and Herald, so there were a ton of options right away and everything was new. The class was also extremely strong on release as well which largely made up for this downside. These things made it unfortunately too easy to overlook the fact early on that Rev is essentially missing an entire skill type AND its 4th utility for each of its existing legends. I don’t remember seeing much talk about this at all back then and I’d assume that these
  7. While I do think Shiro is fine overall as per my original comment, Phase Traversal at 12s CD is ridiculous and really hurts the flow of the legend. I would prefer the CD be reduced to 8 or 9s if they really feel the skill deserves to have such a high CD. The energy cost is already enormous, so the only thing the CD does is put a hard limit on the skill which I don’t think is actually necessary for it given that it isn’t spammable as is. This feels to me like the same sort of overnerf that thief received when Infiltrator’s Arrow’s cost was massively increased
  8. The kit is still veryyyy strong in PvP, even with the high energy costs. In WvW it's really only ever been used as a roamer legend and is still quite strong for that as well. The only core legend that is truly lacking at the moment in competitive is Ventari. Mallyx's condi resistance is bad, but the rest of the kit is still functional and Jalis's stability, taunt, heal, etc. are still amazing. I don't think Shiro is in a bad spot at the moment (the fact that all top tier teams are STILL using it on their power herald and renegade builds says something); it just has to be played like an
  9. Icerazor likely isn't chill because it could theoretically be 20 stacks of torment on a single target on a condi focused spec that can also stack 50 bleed with its other utility. In PvE ice razor having chill could disproportionately blow the dps numbers out simply off of a single skill (I don't think Icerazor would necessarily be a problem in PvP/WvW even if it had chill because of the rest of the skill's functionality (single target, CCable)). In comparison, GS5 on Vindicator is 5 guaranteed + 9 random impacts possible (only 1 target each!), and only will hit the max number of times re
  10. With the lack of hard CC on GS it makes sense to add another source of (short) chill on it. Gs5 is the best and most thematic option for that. The only other rev combos that entirely lack hard CC are x/S and at least both of those options have the ability to go x/A instead for the extra CC if they want it which is something that GS cannot do.
  11. No one is getting 34-35k on Herald with full DPS traits anymore my dude after the nerfs it got a few months back. Please post a video of your claim or stop spewing misinformation bull kitten
  12. The bug has been around for over 2 years. People are rightfully frustrated with it This may or may not work, but it still doesn’t fix the issue of literal 6 years+ of muscle memory for people on this class having to relearn it which is obnoxious and unnecessary and the main reason people have been complaining in the first place.
  13. Not every spec needs to redefine the meta with new buffs, etc. Vindicator does bring something new to PvE, which is the ability for Rev to actually have a decently viable power spec for once in its entire 6 year existence. With a very SLIGHT damage boost to its current damage you're looking at a really good power dps spec. It already can bring Assassin's Presence if it's not provided by another Rev which in and of itself is very worthwhile. Bringing a 15% damage increase for the party on top of that would be insane and overcentralizing; every composition would start running at leas
  14. You aren't outdpsing full dps scrapper with that build, especially after the Devastation nerfs several months ago that were aimed at Condi Ren. Full DPS Power Herald hasn't been able to reach 33k+ in ages. And to put it in further comparison Power Boon Herald (27kish) and Quickness Scrapper (28kish) do about the same amount of damage, yet Scrapper brings quickness for 5 which is far more valuable than anything Herald brings. Also ofc worth noting that Scrapper isn't even a great class to compare it to since it's fairly bottom of the barrel as is. Regardless, a buff to BOTH Shared Emp
  15. That's all well and good and a decent critique of Vindicator's color scheme overall (personally I like it though), but I'm just saying that GS following the color scheme of the e-spec isn't new and has been done for the past two expansions as well. I would change your argument to be about Vindicator's color scheme as a whole instead of just GS's, since GS will (and should) follow whatever Vindi's is given the precedent they've set for themselves
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