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Gemstore/In-game chestpieces.

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Why we only have shoulders/ gloves/ boots?There's awesome pieces of the 3 above on gemstore and collections, but no chestpieces at all.

Edit. Let me clarify, i mean "premium" chestpieces. Better designed, with better textures, or auras, etc. Just like the shoulders/ gloves/ boots from LWS3 or the gemstore ones.

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Its a side effect of their current production philosophy. When they realized Outfits were getting substantial returns compared to armor sets (citing a production cost difference), they switched to focusing on outfits and other "low requirement" cosmetic pieces. Shoulders, Gloves and Boots benefit from the fact that they don't have the Seam line problem of Chest and Leg pieces- and is probably the main reason they still do them. They're treated more like accessories then a cohesive armor set.

@Malafaia.8903 said:

@"derd.6413" said:there are chestpieces in game they're just less prevelent

Could you link some, please?I can just remember the almost impossible to get Radiant and the other (the fire one).

Every in-game armor "set" has a chest piece. Theres just not a lot of variety since the majority come from Core, and about half of them are variants of other sets.

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